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Taiwan's top China policy planner speaks in China about ROC

ROC Central News Agency

2014/02/12 21:02:53

Nanjing, Feb. 12 (CNA) Taiwan's top China policy planner spoke about the Republic of China (ROC) during a visit Wednesday to the Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum in Nanjing, where he paid his respects to the man hailed as the founding father of modern China.

Many Chinese people in the area recognized Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) Minister Wang Yu-chi as he and his delegation walked up the 392 steps of the mausoleum.

When Wang and his delegation entered the main hall to bow and read a special tribute dated Feb. 12 of the 103rd year of the Republic of China, Chinese officials accompanying Wang's delegation waited outside.

A wreath placed by Wang was signed in his capacity as MAC minister, without mentioning either the ROC or the Executive Yuan.

Wang later gave a brief talk at the mausoleum's plaza in which he noted that Sun is credited with building the first democratic republic in Asia after overthrowing the corrupt Qing Dynasty in 1911, and that 'the ROC has been in existence for 103 years.'

One local bystander clapped his hands and gave loud approval as Wang spoke, but he was hastily dragged away by security personnel.

Wang said in conclusion that the two sides of the Taiwan Strait should address cross-strait reality in a pragmatic manner to resolve their problems and build stable and solid cross-strait ties to boost public welfare.

In response, China's Taiwan Affairs Office spokesman Ma Xiaoguang described Sun as a great trailblazer in China's democratic revolution.

'His numerous contributions have already been recorded in the history books,' Ma said.

As of press time, Wang's description of the ROC having 'been in existence for 103 years' had not been published in Chinese news media.

(By Eva Feng, Scarlett Chai and Lilian Wu)

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