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Iran Press TV

Taiwan simulates 2017 invasion by China

Iran Press TV

Mon Jul 15, 2013 4:1PM GMT

Taiwan has started a computerized military exercise to simulate a scenario of China's launching of an invasion on the island in 2017.

The five-day maneuver that started on Monday is part of Taiwan's biggest annual military drill with this year's exercise being codenamed 'Han Kuang 29', AFP quoted defense ministry officials as saying.

The Taiwanese defense ministry said that the drill simulates a surprise attack followed by a large-scale invasion by China in 2017. It did not, however, provide any explanation as to why the scenario was being considered for that specific year.

"Over the past few years, ties across the Strait have improved and civil exchanges have been on the rise, but military threat from the mainland has not accordingly diminished," Taiwanese Army Major General Tseng Fu-hsin told reporters last week.

China and Taiwan are separated by the Taiwan Strait in the west Pacific Ocean. They split in 1949 following a civil war, but Beijing still regards the island as part of its territory.

China has also not rejected the use of force against Taiwan if it declares independence.


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