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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

August 2010 - Taiwan Special Weapons News

  • Taiwan: China military budget rises sharply CNA 31 Aug 2010 -- China increased its defense budget in 2010 by 7.5 percent to US$78 billion.
  • Funding for classified programs cut in Taiwan defense budget CNA 30 Aug 2010 -- The 2011 defense budget proposal of NT$297.2 billion that was sent to the legislature contained less for classified programs.
  • U.S. arms sales to return to normal track: Taiwan official CNA 26 Aug 2010 -- A senior Taiwan official posted in Washington expressed welcome Wednesday to the U.S. government's recent decision to allow U.S. companies to sell Taiwan defense articles and services directly without having to create "arms packages."
  • U.S. confirms approval of three arms sales to Taiwan CNA 25 Aug 2010 -- The U.S. Department of State confirmed Tuesday that it had notified Congress of its decision to allow U.S. companies to sell Taiwan defense articles and services to support and upgrade its existing air defense radar systems.
  • Top Chinese negotiator's visit to Taiwan likely to be postponed CNA 25 Aug 2010 -- A visit to Taiwan next month by a top Chinese negotiator is likely to be delayed due mainly to a tight schedule that month for exchange visits across the Taiwan Strait, the Taipei-based Straits Exchange Foundation (SEF) said Wednesday.
  • DPP says amendment aimed at former president CNA 20 Aug 2010 -- The opposition Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) said Friday a legislative amendment that scraps benefits for ex-presidents or vice presidents found guilty of corruption at a first trial targets former President Chen Shui-bian.
  • Taiwan vigilant in face of China's military buildup: Ma CNA 19 Aug 2010 -- Taiwan has been closely monitoring China's military buildup while continuously seeking to upgrade it's defense capability, despite improved cross-strait relations, President Ma Ying-jeou told a Japanese daily Wednesday.
  • President pushes for U.S. to sell Taiwan F-16 C/Ds CNA 19 Aug 2010 -- President Ma Ying-jeou urged the United States Thursday to sell F-16 C/D jet fighters to Taiwan to prevent the balance of military power across the Taiwan Strait from tilting further in China's favor.
  • AIT affirms 'solid' U.S.-Taiwan relations CNA 19 Aug 2010 -- The American Institute in Taiwan (AIT) reaffirmed the "solid" relationship between the United States and Taiwan Thursday in response to a question regarding a domestic political controversy about current bilateral relations.
  • MND censured for illegal promotion of generals CNA 19 Aug 2010 -- The Control Yuan censured the Ministry of National Defense Thursday for promoting as many as 124 generals without following normal standards during the tenures of eight defense ministers between 1994 and 2009.
  • Taiwan to continue upgrading defense capability: Presidential Office CNA 18 Aug 2010 -- The government has been closely monitoring China's military build-up and will not halt its efforts to upgrade the nation's defense capability even as it seeks to further reduce tensions across the Taiwan Strait, the Presidential Office said Wednesday.
  • Taiwan closely monitoring China's military build-up: MND CNA 17 Aug 2010 -- In the wake of a U.S. Pentagon report that stated China's military build-up opposite Taiwan has "continued unabated" despite warming cross-strait relations, the Ministry of National Defense said Tuesday it has been closely monitoring the situation.
  • Security pact covers Tiaoyutas: U.S. State Department CNA 17 Aug 2010 -- A U.S. Department of State official said Monday that the Japan-U.S. security pact still applies to the Senkaku Islands even if the administration of President Barack Obama has not stated so explicitly.
  • Cross-strait economic commission to be headed by vice minister CNA 13 Aug 2010 -- Taiwan and China have agreed that an economic cooperation commission to be established under a recently signed trade pact will be headed by vice ministerial-level officials from each side, government sources said Friday.
  • '92 consensus is basis for cross-strait negotiations: government CNA 12 Aug 2010 -- Under the framework of the Republic of China Constitution, the government will firmly stick to the "1992 consensus" to deal with China and maintain the status quo across the Taiwan Strait, Executive Yuan spokesman Johnny Chiang said Thursday.
  • Taiwan to continue pragmatic approach with U.N.: ministry CNA 12 Aug 2010 -- The government will continue to take a pragmatic approach toward Taiwan's participation in specialized agencies of the United Nations this year, Minister of Foreign Affairs Timothy Yang said Thursday.
  • Taiwan pledges continued adherence to '1992 consensus' CNA 12 Aug 2010 -- Taiwan will seek continued improvement of relations with China based on the "1992 consensus, " which has served as the most important basis for the development of cross-Taiwan Strait relations, the Presidential Office said Thursday.
  • '1992 consensus' provides basis of trust: Chinese official CNA 11 Aug 2010 -- Taiwan's and China's adherence to an anti-independence stance and the "1992 consensus" has allowed the two sides to build trust over the past two years and end their confrontation, a visiting Chinese official said in Taipei Wednesday.
  • MOJ censured for mishandling intelligence agent's case CNA 11 Aug 2010 -- The Control Yuan censured the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) on Wednesday over a delay in processing a request to help a former Taiwanese intelligence agent receive medical leave from a Chinese prison.
  • Taiwan denies reported breakdown of US arms deals CNA 09 Aug 2010 -- Taiwan's Ministry of National Defense denied a report that hopes of procuring US submarines and jets have dimmed.
  • President says requested combat aircraft are for defense CNA 06 Aug 2010 -- President Ma: Taiwan wants to purchase high-performance combat aircraft from the United States is to maintain its self-defense capability.
  • Taiwan acclaimed as peaceful user of nuclear energy CNA 03 Aug 2010 -- Taiwan has for the fourth consecutive year been placed on an international list of countries whose nuclear materials are all used for peaceful purposes, the Atomic Energy Council (AEC) reported Tuesday.
  • MND denies report on China weapons removal 'wish list' CNA 02 Aug 2010 -- The Ministry of National Defense (MND) dismissed a media report Monday that said the military has begun planning a confidence-building mechanism with China and would issue a "wish list" asking China to dismantle weapons targeting Taiwan.
  • Remove missiles based on '92 consensus': presidential spokesman CNA 02 Aug 2010 -- The Presidential Office said Monday that Taiwan's people will not accept Beijing's call to remove its missiles targeted at Taiwan only after Taiwan accepts the "one China" principle.
  • Taiwan's negotiator says Taiwan wants bigger role in region CNA 02 Aug 2010 -- Taiwan's top negotiator with China reiterated at a seminar on Monday the country's desire to take part in the economic integration of the region, but a Chinese official taking part in the forum did not respond to the plea.

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