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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)


Central News Agency

2005-06-24 19:16:29

    Taipei, June 24 (CNA) China has continued to step up its military buildup against Taiwan, despite having invited two Taiwan opposition leaders to visit China earlier this year, a senior official said Friday.

    Quoting a Chinese government internal circular, Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) Vice Chairman You Ying-lung said the Beijing authorities have also directed their overseas diplomatic missions to intensify international publicity to accentuate that the Chinese people are wise enough to resolve their "internal" cross-Taiwan Strait dispute on their own.

    According to You, the circular was distributed to Communist Party of China cadres as well as Chinese government officials, overseas staff and military officers in the second half of May after two Taiwan opposition leaders -- Kuomintang Chairman Lien Chan and People First Party Chairman James Soong -- visited China on separate occasions between late April and early May. "The content of the circular indicates that China, while inviting Taiwan's opposition leaders to open up a new platform for its Taiwan-targeting work and sowing discord in Taiwan society, has continued its military deployment against Taiwan and suppression against Taiwan's international presence," You said.

    The circular claims that as the situation in Taiwan remains "grim, " the military must continue to escalate its Taiwan-targeting combat preparedness, You said.

    The document also points out that inviting Lien and Soong was a major policy strategy aimed at winning the hearts and minds of the people of Taiwan and at forging ties with various political parties and groups in Taiwan.

    It further says the enactment of its anti-secession law will contribute to China's drive to impede the pro-independence force in Taiwan. Nevertheless, it adds that as pro-independence activists have not ceased secessionist activities and anti-Chinese foreign forces have continued to obstruct a solution to the Taiwan issue, the People's Liberation Army must not ease its combat preparedness against Taiwan.

    In the meantime, You said, the circular directs Chinese diplomats to strengthen a publicity campaign telling the international community that the Chinese people have the wisdom to resolve their own "internal" disputes. "Chinese foreign missions are also ordered to take active steps to prevent the United States from developing official ties and military cooperation with Taiwan, foil any U.S. attempts to cooperate with Japan over the Taiwan issue, and strengthen the European Union's and Russia's pro-China stance on the Taiwan issue," You said.

    Moreover, You said, the circular demands that Chinese diplomats make every possible effort to impede Taiwan's bid to join the United Nations and its affiliates, while appropriately dealing with Taiwan-related affairs in professional international bodies and non-government organizations.

    In terms of the content of the circular, You said, China has not shown any flexibility toward the Taiwan Strait issue in the wake of the two opposition leaders' China visits and will continue its all-out efforts to thwart Taiwan's bid to join major international organizations and activities.

    For years, You said, China has consistently kept in place a comprehensive package of strategic and tactical measures toward Taiwan. "The recently obtained Chinese internal circular proves that China will not forsake its two-pronged, carrot-and-stick ploy against Taiwan after the visits by Lien and Soong," he added.

(By Sofia Wu)


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