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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)


ROC Central News Agency

2005-03-02 23:30:04

    Taipei, March 2 (CNA) Chiu Tai-san, vice chairman of the Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) , said Wednesday he is worried that the people of Taiwan will react drastically against mainland China if it moves forward with its "anti-secession law" in defiance of strong disapproval by those on Taiwan.

    Citing a survey conducted by the Institute of International Relations (IIR) under National Chengchi University, Chiu said 82.3 percent of Taiwanese oppose the legislation which analysts say could justify an attack by mainland China against Taiwan, and 74.1 percent said they don't believe Beijing's claims that the law won't compromise the rights of Taiwan people.

    With this law in place, Chiu claimed that mainland China would be capable of punishing Taiwanese considered by it as separatists, and this is especially offensive to 80 percent of those surveyed.

    As a result, the survey found that 61 percent of the people said the law would hinder exchanges between the two sides, while 55 percent said it would cast a shadow over future dialogue between Taiwan and the mainland.

    The MAC vice chairman said the government is bracing itself for any negative impacts because of the legislation but is worried that some people who are not satisfied with the government's moderate response to mainland China may resort to more violent action.

    By having recourse to an "anti-secession law," Chiu said mainland China has left Taiwanese with the impression that it is "insensitive," "moody" and is pursuing "hegemony."

    Chiu said the law will also betray mainland China's new definition of "one China, " which will say that there is only one China, with mainland and Taiwan being a part of it; thereby deepen Taiwanese fear of mainland China.

    The IIR's survey was based on 1,088 valid samples collected by phone Feb. 25-27 among the island's adults. The margin of error was not given.

(By Maubo Chang)


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