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2004-12-08 18:09:02

    Taipei, Dec. 8 (CNA) Changing the names of Taiwan's overseas missions and state-owned enterprises is an "inevitable" path that Taiwan must follow and it will not budge under pressure, an official of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) said Wednesday.

    Tsai Huang-liang, the DPP's legislative whip, made the remarks one day after President Chen Shui-bian said he would continue to push for the name change issue, despite U.S. State Department deputy spokesman Adam Ereli's remarks Monday that the U.S. will not support the proposal, as it appears to unilaterally change the island's status quo.

    Tsai said that Taiwan will never budge because of outside pressure, as the name change is the road Taiwan must follow and conforms to Taiwan's real situation.

    He said the change will not involve the "four noes plus one" pledge made by Chen in his inauguration speeches -- no declaration of Taiwan independence if Beijing does not use force, no change of the nation's official name, no inclusion of the "state-to-state" theory in the Constitution, no referendum on Taiwan's future status regarding independence or unification and no abrogation of the National Unification Guidelines.

    The U.S. decision not to support the proposal is because of pressure from mainland China, Tsai claimed, adding that Taiwan will continue to communicate with Washington on the matter.

    The issue is an internal affair and no country should interfere with it, he added.

    He also urged voters to support the "pan-green camp" of the DPP and the Taiwan Solidarity Union in Saturday's legislative elections, saying that as long as the DPP obtains a majority, "the U.S. will address the mandate of the majority squarely. "

(By Lilian Wu)


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