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2004-12-07 14:45:21

    Taipei, Dec. 7 (CNA) Premier Yu Shyi-kun said Tuesday that Taiwan will seek the consent of specific countries before changing the names of the Republic of China's foreign missions.

    Yu made the remarks after U.S. State Department deputy spokesman Adam Ereli said Washington was not supportive of President Chen Shui-bian's proposal to change the names of Taiwan's state-run enterprises and its foreign missions to include the word "Taiwan," on the grounds that it "would appear to unilaterally change Taiwan's status."

    Yu said changing the name of state-controlled enterprises will be less complicated because this is a purely internal affair.

    However, Taiwan will not press ahead with its plan to change the names of its foreign missions until communications are conducted with the countries where these missions are located.

    While the ROC's foreign missions in countries with diplomatic relations always include the word "Republic of China, " the reference is not allowed in countries without diplomatic ties, Yu pointed out.

    Yu said the names in both cases are confusing for foreigners and that it will better differentiate Taiwan from China by including the word "Taiwan."

    Meanwhile, Su Tseng-chang, secretary-general of the Presidential Office, said the proposal to change the names of foreign missions is aimed at highlighting the identity of Taiwan and does not involve changing the country's official name.

    Also, Su said changing the names of state-run enterprises is an urgent matter in light of the fact that many enterprises have faced operational problems because they bear a name similar to those of companies from mainland China.

    Su said the government will continue to communicate with countries involved in the issue to win their support for the plan.

(By Y.F. Low)


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