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2004-12-07 15:40:37

    Taipei, Dec. 7 (CNA) The government's plan to include the word "Taiwan" in the names of its foreign missions and state-run enterprises will not result in a change in the status quo across the Taiwan Strait, Foreign Affairs Minister Tan Sun Chen said Tuesday.

    Chen said that the plan has been put forward in line with mainstream public opinion on the island and that it is not meant to provoke mainland China.

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) will step up communication with countries involved to let them understand that this issue is unrelated to changing the status of Taiwan, Chen said.

    U.S. State Department deputy spokesman Adam Ereli said Monday that Washington was not supportive of the name-change proposal, which was raised by President Chen Shui-bian over the weekend, on the grounds that it "would appear to unilaterally change Taiwan's status."

    MOFA spokesman Michel Lu said changing the names of the Republic of China's foreign missions will reinforce the identity and representation of Taiwan.

    President Chen has said the issue does not involve changing the official name of the country, Lu pointed out.

(By Y.F. Low)


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