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2004-12-07 16:18:35

    Taipei, Dec. 7 (CNA) The government's plan to include the word "Taiwan" in the names of its foreign missions and state-run enterprises is aimed at highlighting Taiwan's identity and has nothing to do with changing the status quo across the Taiwan Strait, an aide to the president said Tuesday.

    Presidential Office Deputy Secretary-general James Huang said the change will help differentiate Taiwan from mainland China and prevent the country's status from being downgraded in the international community.

    President Chen Shui-bian has emphasized that changing the official name of the country is not an issue because the name "Republic of China" is a historical fact and is identified with by the majority of the people in Taiwan, Huang pointed out.

    Huang made the remarks after the proposal put forward by President Chen over the weekend found little support from the United States. U.S. State Department deputy spokesman Adam Ereli said Monday that Washington was not supportive of the proposal on the grounds that it "would appear to unilaterally change Taiwan's status."

(By Y.F. Low)


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