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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)


2004-12-07 21:03:58

    Taipei, Dec. 7 (CNA) President Chen Shui-bian said Tuesday that Taiwan could face five crises if the "pan-green camp" fails to win more than half of the seats up for grabs in this weekend's legislative elections.

    Speaking at a weekly meeting of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party's (DPP's) Central Standing Committee in his capacity as DPP chairman, Chen said recent remarks by opposition Kuomintang Chairman Lien Chan have sent a warning signal to the DPP administration.

    Chen was referring to Lien's claim last weekend that the party that wins a majority in the Dec. 11 legislative election should be able to name the premier and form a Cabinet.

    Pointing out, however, that the Constitution has no article giving the majority party the power to form a Cabinet, Chen said Lien's claim is in total violation of the Constitution.

    He cautioned DPP members that Lien's claim carries an alarming signal. "If the 'pan-green camp' of the DPP and its ally -- the Taiwan Solidarity Union -- fails to gain a clear majority in the new legislature, the opposition 'pan-blue alliance' of the KMT and the People First Party (PFP) will create the chaos of 'one country, two governments' and this will cause a constitutional and government crisis," Chen said.

    He recalled that the "pan-blue alliance, " with its slim majority in the current legislature, railroaded the unconstitutional "truth commission statute" through the legislative floor Aug. 24.

    If the "pan-blues" gain a clear majority in the new legislature, Chen said, they will pass even more controversial laws to realize their goal of forming their own "Cabinet."

    Even if the "pan-blue alliance" cannot form its own "government, " Chen said, it might abuse its legislative majority to overturn the Cabinet, impeach the president or recall the president. should that be the case, Chen said, Taiwan's political stability would be at stake.

    Worse still, Chen said, the opposition-controlled legislature will continue to block the DPP administration's NT$610.8 billion arms procurement project and many other crucial reform initiatives, such as the government restructuring bill and the financial reconstruction fund bill. "All these projects have long been stalled in the legislature because of the 'pan-blue alliance's' boycott," Chen said, adding that if the opposition continues to control the legislature, Taiwan's national competitiveness will be further undermined due to this long-term war of attrition.

    With the election campaigning entering the home stretch, Chen urged all DPP members and supporters to pull out all the stops to help ensure victory for the party's legislative candidates.

(By Sofia Wu)


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