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2004-05-27 12:27:00

    Washington, May 26 (CNA) U.S. Secretary of the Navy Gordon England on Wednesday admitted that the United States does have worries about the Taiwan Strait situation.

    The secretary made the remarks in response to questions raised after he delivered a speech at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C.

    England said that the United States hopes to strengthen its friendships with countries around the world and therefore wants to work to develop its friendship with mainland China.

    Asked whether mainland China will one day pose a naval threat to the United States, England said that he believes China's navy will get stronger and bigger but that this does not necessarily mean it will represent a threat to the United States.

    He expressed the hope that through diplomacy as well as trade and economic ties, the relationship will be one of friendship, and not one characterized by threat.

    Pointing out that the U.S. Navy needs to be prepared to deal with any changes in the situation, the secretary said: "We do look to the future in terms of what sort of systems we need, should any threat develop in that part of the world."

    Asked about the mainland's growing threat to Taiwan, England refused to comment, saying that he does not know all the specifics of the matter.

    However, he said: "Obviously we worry about the (situation in) the Taiwan Strait."

(By Jay Chen and P.C.tang)


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