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2004-05-07 19:10:50

    Taipei, May 7 (CNA) Vice President Annette Lu called on the public Friday to persevere and show firm determination in promoting the country's bid to join the United Nations.

    Lu made the appeal while meeting with a group of university students that took part in a university student summit sponsored by the United Nations in New York in late April to discuss issues of public concern over regional conflict, peace, the environment, women and children, human rights and economic and social progress.

    After 15 years of persistent efforts, the two Koreas finally succeeded in their U.N. entry bid, while it took the People's Republic of China 22 years to have the U.N. give the Republic of China's seat to Beijing in accordance with U.N. Resolution 2758 in 1971, Lu pointed out.

    It has been only 12 years since the ROC government began campaigning to rejoin the United Nations in 1992, Lu said.

    Claiming that the ROC's withdrawal from the U.N. was mainly due to an erroneous policy adopted by then-President Chiang Kai-shek, Lu said that at that time, the United States and Japan voiced the hope that the ROC would not withdraw from the U.N. while accepting Beijing's entry into the organization. Chiang, however, refused to accept the proposal.

    Although the ROC still has a long way to go before it will be accepted into the United Nations, the vice president said she is confident that once Taiwan is admitted into the World Health Organization, the island will also succeed in its bid to rejoin the the United Nations.

(By Luis Huang)


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