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2004-05-04 13:40:33

    Los Angeles, May 3 (CNA) A senior Taiwan mainland affairs official said Sunday in Los Angeles that President Chen Shui-bian and his administration will do their utmost to establish a peaceful interactive mechanism between the two sides of the Taiwan Strait.

    Chen Ming-tong, vice chairman of the Mainland Affairs Council, also said that the Taiwan government will continue carrying out its policies and administrative work after President Chen is sworn in for his second term.

    Although he declined to talk about the contents of President Chen's speech to be delivered at his May 20 presidential inauguration ceremony, the official revealed that the council has joined part of the discussions regarding the speech.

    Noting that the mainland affairs policy of President Chen and his administration has been very consistent over the past four years and that no efforts have been spared in pushing for a normalization of cross-strait relations, the official said that this policy will be continued over the next four years.

    He also emphasized that establishing a cross-Taiwan Strait peaceful interactive mechanism will be a main goal of the government, saying that Taiwan will deal with cross-strait relations with due respect for the principles of national sovereignty and peace. The official added that it will also work to resolve cross-strait problems and disputes through dialogue rather than the use of force.

(By L.S. Chu and P.C. Tang)


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