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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)


2004-04-20 22:35:05

    Taipei, April 20 (CNA) The military has launched routine annual training exercises to evaluate the nation's defense capabilities in the face of mainland China's mounting military threat, the Ministry of National Defense (MND) said Tuesday.

    Speaking at a regular news conference, MND spokesman Maj. Gen. Huang Suey-sheng said the maneuvers, codenamed Han Kuang 20, will test the joint operations command mechanism of the armed forces over a seven-month period. "The drills, designed to test coordination among the different branches of our armed forces, started in mid-April and are due to end in November, " Huang said, adding that the focus of this year's Han Kuang exercise is to gauge Taiwan's ability to crush the enemy's attempt to wage a quick war.

    The maneuvers will include a computerized war game, live-fire drills and missile testing, said Maj. Gen. Lee Chieh-chia, joint operations head at the deputy chief of the general staff's office.

    Lee said the computerized war game will be held in late June, with the National Defense University acting as the enemy and providing simulated mainland Chinese assault strategies. The simulated war game will be based on the estimated military capabilities of Taiwan and the mainland China by 2006, he added.

    He further said that war of the future will be non-linear, non-contact and asymmetric in form. "It's very likely that mainland China will invade Taiwan with a surprise attack, " he said, adding that various kinds of new weaponry will be tested in the war games.

(By Sofia Wu)


(By Flor Wang)


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