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2004-04-19 22:56:42

    Taipei, April 19 (CNA) Vice President Annette Lu said Monday that the results of the March 20 presidential election have established Taiwan nationalism.

    Speaking at a tea party she hosted for journalists, Lu said it is very clear that there exists a Taiwan-centric consciousness in the mind of the majority of Taiwan's people given that President Chen Shui-bian, who insists in defending the status quo of Taiwan's sovereignty, obtained 6.47 million votes, or more than 50 percent of the total in the presidential poll, an increase of nearly 1.5 million votes over the number of votes he received four years ago during the 2000 election.

    The "one China" principle as stipulated in the Shanghai Communique jointly signed by the United States and mainland China in 1972 should be revised because it is a product of the Cold War, Lu added.

    The United States signed the document in order to court Beijing to play a role against the now-defunct Soviet Union at the expense of Taiwan's interests, Lu went on, adding that it is rare for a document on international politics to remain unchanged for more than 30 years.

    The election results have challenged the existing U.S. concept of the future of the Taiwan people, Lu added without elaborating.

    She expressed the hope that U.S.-Taiwan relations will be further strengthened after May 20, when Chen and herself will be sworn in for another four-year term.

    Furthermore, the vice president said, it is Beijing that is making the so-called Taiwan issue internationalized by pressing foreign nations to oppose Taiwan's referendum, not to send congratulations to Chen after he won the election, and not to send representatives to attend Chen's inauguration. "These facts are evidence that Taiwan is not part of the People's Republic of China," Lu pointed out.

    Referring to domestic affairs, the vice president claimed that Taiwan has no problems with divisions between ethnic groups.

    The problems are raised and exaggerated by "certain figures" who are trying to avoid Taiwan's national identity, Lu claimed.

    She called on the opposition "pan blue alliance, " whose ticket formed by Kuomintang Chairman Lien Chan and People First Party Chairman James Soong lost the presidential poll by a slim margin of 0.22 percent or 29,518 votes out of more than 13 million cast, to allow the judicial authorities to settle the election disputes.

    Taiwan should not have rivalry among its various ethnic groups and the stability of the country can only be maintained when the rule of law is respected, Lu noted.

(By Huang Kwang-chun)


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