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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)


2004-03-22 23:00:57

    Taipei, March 22 (CNA) Premier Yu Shyi-kun urged the Judicial Yuan Monday to respond as soon as possible to demands from "pan-blue alliance" protesters for a recount of the ballots from Saturday's presidential election.

    The premier made the remarks as the protesters remained in front of the Presidential Office for a second day to protest against what they describe as an "unfair" election after their candidate, opposition Kuomintang Chairman Lien Chan, lost by a slim margin to President Chen Shui-bian.

    In addition to the recount, the protesters were also demanding that the government clarify what they call "suspicious conditions" surrounding the shooting of President Chen Shui-bian when he was canvassing in southern Taiwan Friday afternoon, which they said gave him sympathy votes and victory in the hotly contested election.

    Judicial Yuan officials said that the High Court has begun to review the lawsuit officially filed by the alliance for an annulment of the election and that the court will deal with case quickly on the principles of "fairness and justice."

    Meanwhile, Yu said that his Cabinet will resign en masse following the presidential election, according to the terms of the Constitution.

    Yu said that Chen will have to appoint a new cabinet for the next four years after winning re-election and that he will respect the president's right to appoint the premier of his choosing.

(By Lilian Wu)


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