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2004-03-13 16:02:36

    Kaohsiung, March 13 (CNA) Taiwan must stick to its own indigenous sovereignty in order to ride over the many challenges brought by globalization, Vice President Annette Lu said Saturday.

    Lu made the remarks while giving a speech at the 2004 joint annual conference of the World Taiwanese Congress and the World Federation of Taiwanese Associations being held in this southern Taiwan port city from Saturday to Sunday. Nearly 800 representatives from around the world attended the meeting.

    In the face of mainland China's relentless efforts to gain turf by competing against the United States in the Pacific region, Lu encouraged the people of Taiwan to uphold their belief in democratic values and principles and never surrender to the threat from Beijing. "Taiwan must walk its own way and participate more actively in the international community," she insisted.

    Hailing the fact that the people of Taiwan have succeeded in terminating authoritarian rule, implementing democracy and pushing for transfer of power, Lu said that the Taiwan people still need to accomplish the two above-mentioned tasks -- safeguarding Taiwan's sovereignty and embracing globalization by displaying its strength as an oceanic country.

    At a time when Taiwan is at a historical crossroads, the country should open up bravely to the world and pursue greater globalization as a democratic member in the international community, the vice president said.

(By Flor Wang)


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