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2004-03-09 17:51:40

    Taipei, March 9 (CNA) President Chen Shui-bian said Tuesday that he is treading the right path and he hopes to achieve five goals, including contributing to the solidifying of the nation's identity, if he is elected for a second term.

    In an interview with TVBS, a local cable television station, he also spoke of his advocacy of introducing a new constitution and the first national referendum in Taiwan on March 20.

    The president said, "These are not my own ideas, but the conviction that this should be done after looking into the will of most people and mainstream values."

    Chen noted that the Constitution, which is the basic law of a country, should not be imposed on the nation without the consent of the people, which he said would be "irresponsible."

    He said that after the political power transfer in 2000, he has the obligation to achieve five goals: contributing to the establishment of the nation's identity, terminating corrupt "black gold" politics, promoting reforms, defending justice, and creating cross-strait peace. "I hope to achieve these five goals if elected for a second term," Chen said. "We have to establish Taiwan's identity and its independent economy to let Taiwan become the center of Asia, and the center of the world," he said.

    He said that Taiwan has to first establish its national identity, so as not to become subordinate to mainland China or become marginalized. It will be very risky if Taiwan's economy is dependent on mainland China entirely, he added. "Despite the huge market in mainland China, we cannot give up the nation's identity, " Chen said, adding, "if we give up the nation's identity, will there be any future for Taiwan."

    He stressed that as the nation's leader, he has the obligation and responsibility to defend the nation's sovereignty and security.

(By Lilian Wu)


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