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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)


2004-03-02 22:01:02

    Taipei, March 2 (CNA) The Air Force General Headquarters (AFGH) said Tuesday it will conduct an overall review of security measures at various air bases and make necessary improvements.

    The AFGH made the remarks after an unidentified person threw two Molotov cocktails at the entry guardpost at the tightly guarded Chiashan air base in Hualien County's Hsincheng township, eastern Taiwan, late Monday.

    The home-made bombs did not ignite and the assailant escaped, an AFGH spokesman said, adding that military police in Hualien County are investigating the case.

    The spokesman said all air bases around the country have heightened security alert and that the AFGH has set aside budget for improving security facilities at various air bases.

    Chang Shih-chien, director of the department of political warfare at the Chiashan air base, said earlier in the day that the two petrol bombs caused no damage or injuries to personnel or facilities at the base.

    Quoting soldiers who were on duty at the guardpost, Chang said that the unidentified individual, wearing a yellow coat and a helmet, threw the two Molotov cocktails at the booth from a nearby footpath at around midnight. He added that the person escaped on foot in the direction of Peipu.

    According to Chang, military police officers from the Hualien Military Police Command immediately rushed to the base after receiving a call for help. The remains of the two Molotov cocktails were taken away by the military police for examination.

    The possible motivation behind the act is so far unknown, Chang said. Meanwhile, patrols and surveillance have been heightened to ensure security at the base.

(By Sofia Wu)


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