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Referendum is intended to pave the way for Taiwan independence

PLA Daily 2004-02-02

Chinese President Hu Jintao, who was on a state visit to France, met with French President Jacques Chirac on January 27. After the meeting, they attended a press conference. On that occasion, President Jacques Chirac reiterated that his government stuck to the One China policy and opposed any unilateral actions, including referendums, that would change the status quo and result in tensions across the Taiwan Strait. He said that any action that could intensify tensions across the Strait was irresponsible. For this reason, he continued, France opposed referendums and other similar actions which would endanger the stability across the Strait. In the Sino-French joint communique, the French government again confirmed its One China policy and made it clear that it opposed any unilateral actions, including referendums that aimed at changing the status quo and deteriorating the tensions across the Taiwan Strait.

The leadership headed by Chen Shui-bian in Taiwan, without giving any thought to the fundamental interests of the Taiwan people, drew together Taiwan independence forces in an attempt to hold referendums and rewrite their "Constitution" in order to achieve the goal of turning Taiwan into an independent nation. These actions by the Chen Shui-bian authorities are opposed not only by the Chinese people all over the world, but also by the international community. This has demonstrated clearly that the world does not like Chen Shui-bian's trying to use referendum to change the status quo and to separate Taiwan from China.

The unilateral referendum promoted by the Chen Shui-bian authorities, whether it be called "defensive referendum" or "peace referendum", will pose grave challenge to the One China policy and the peace of the Taiwan Strait. Their proposed referendum is just an overture to the whole process leading to Taiwan independence. Chen Shui-bian will come to no good end if he continues obstinately to march along the road of making Taiwan independent.

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