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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)


2004-01-16 18:12:27

    Taipei, Jan. 16 (CNA) Vice President Annette Lu said Friday that the international community should not sacrifice Taiwan to appease the despotic mainland Chinese government.

    Lu made the appeal while meeting with a group of university students who are staging a protest campaign that involves "sending Taiwan's clay to the United Nations."

    Noting that mainland China has deployed nearly 500 hundred ballistic missiles aimed at Taiwan, Lu said the international community should not remain silent on this threat.

    Lu said she is going to launch a "peace and love Taiwan" campaign to let the world understand that the mainland's missile deployment is tantamount to a terrorist-style threat to Taiwan.

    She also threw her full support behind the local university students' campaign, saying that she herself has spared no effort to push for Taiwan's entry to the United Nations over the years. "I'll be always with you in pushing for our U.N. bid," she added.

    Faculty members and students from National Taiwan University of Arts and several other universities launched the "sending Taiwan's clay to the United Nations" campaign to arouse international attention to Taiwan's existence. Student representatives will travel to the island's 319 cities, townships and villages to collect clay and will take this "dream land" to the U.N. headquarters in New York this summer for distribution to foreign friends there.

    Student representatives walked to the Presidential Office bearing posters featuring their cause. The posters call for cooperation between the island's two major political camps -- the "pan-green" camp of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party and other pro-independence groups as well as the opposition "pan-blue alliance" of the Kuomintang (KMT) and the People First Party -- to build Taiwan into an advanced, democratic country and to promote Taiwan's U.N. bid. Lu greeted them in front of the Presidential Office.

    Later in the day, the student representatives filed a similar petition with the KMT headquarters, urging the "pan-blue alliance" to cooperate with the "pan-green" camp to boost Taiwan's sustainable development and prosperity.

(By Sofia Wu)


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