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Israeli Company Posts Alleged Photos of 'Iranian Facilities' Hit by IDF Strike

Sputnik News

19:10 27.12.2018(updated 19:13 27.12.2018)

The satellite images were released after the Jerusalem Post reported that the Israeli Air Force (IAF) destroyed an arms depot stashed with Iranian weapons in the Syrian capital in Wednesday's airstrike.

Israeli company ImageSat International has published a series of satellite images allegedly showing the extent of the damage from Wednesday's Israeli airstrike on Syria.

The company claims that the images indicate that a 900-square meter (8,000 square foot) storage facility near Damascus was completely destroyed, while an international airport in the Syrian capital was allegedly never targeted.

The publication of the photos came after the Jerusalem Post cited the Israeli news agency as saying that the Israeli Air Force destroyed an arms depot with Iranian weapons in the Wednesday airstrike.

According to the report, the weapons depot, located about 40 kilometres (24 miles) from the border with Israel, stored Fajr-5 missiles.

Iran has repeatedly insisted that its forces maintain an exclusively advisory role in Syria, denying any plans to establish a permanent military presence in the country.

1.5-Hour Long Israeli Airstrike on Syria

Earlier on Wednesday, the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) reported that the Israeli Air Force carried out a 1.5-hour long attack on Syria, with the majority of the Israeli missiles being intercepted by Syrian air defences.

SANA claimed that the Israeli missiles were launched from Lebanese airspace and that the attack left three servicemen injured, and damaged an ammunition depot.

Gen. Maj. Igor Konashenkov, spokesman for the Russian Defence Ministry, for his part, stated that six Israeli F-16 fighter jets directly threatened two civilian planes when conducting the airstrike, something that was confirmed by Lebanese Minister of Public Works and Transport Youssef Fenianos.

The airstrike comes after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pledged to continue Israeli operations in Syria to counter Iran's apparent military presence in the Arab Republic, in the wake of Washington's decision to withdraw US troops from Syria.


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