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President in a phone call with Syrian counterpart: The 3 western countries' attack on Syria blatant support of terrorism

ISNA - Iranian Students' News Agency

Sun / 15 April 2018 / 11:23

Tehran (ISNA) - President condemned the recent attack by the United States, the United Kingdom and France on the Syrian government and people and said, "Without a doubt, the three western countries and their supporters are responsible for the consequences of the act of aggression".

Speaking with President Bashar Assad of Syria on Saturday, Dr. Hassan Rouhani stated that the attack was blatant violation of international regulations, including the United Nations Charter, saying, "This blatant act of aggression is not just on the Syrian soil, but on the stability of the entire region".

He also described the act by the three western countries as an act in order to support terrorism in the region, saying, "Ignoring the sovereignty of a country means attempting to create instability and turmoil in the region".

Stressing that the Islamic Republic of Iran stands by the Syrian government and people, Dr. Rouhani said, "In conditions where terrorists are suffering a new defeat in Syria every day, this act of aggression by the three countries definitely means supporting these defeated groups".

"As we have repeatedly emphasized, the presence of any foreign country in Syria without the permission of the Syrian government is against international regulations and a kind of aggression on the Syrian soil," continued Rouhani stressing respecting territorial integrity of Syria.

He continued, "No foreign government can decide for the future of Syria and the only decision makers are the people of this country and the Islamic Republic of Iran will stand by the government and people of Syria".

The President added, "Iran will continue its efforts in all international communities, especially in cooperation with Russia and Turkey to make stability and peace in the region and Syria realized".

The President of Syria Bashar Assad stated that the act of aggression by the enemies has no effect on the determination of the Syrian government and people and Syria will continue resistance against aggressors and terrorists.

He also appreciated Iranian government and people for supporting the Syrian government and people, saying, "This act of aggression has had no achievement for the aggressors".

"When the aggressors did not achieve their goals through political ways, they decided to carry out this act of aggression, which is against all international regulations," he continued.

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