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Iran supporting guaranteed ceasefire in Syria: Defense minister

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Tehran, June 9, IRNA -- Iran supports a guaranteed ceasefire in Syria in case it does not let the terrorists renew their power, says Iran's defense minister.

We agree with such a guaranteed ceasefire, said Brigadier General Hossein Dehqan in an anti-terrorism conference here on Thursday.

Iran has always supported talks for resolving the Syrian crisis, General Dehqan said in the three-partied meeting also attended by Russian Defense Minister Sergey Kuzhugetovich Shoygu and Syrian Defense Minister General Jasim al-Farij.

Iran supports resolution of Syria crisis through dialog among Syrians, he noted.

The commander referred to the volatile situation in the region which, he said, has its roots in the expansionist and aggressive policies of the United States, Israel and certain countries supporting terrorism.

An all-out fight against terrorism has always been on Islamic Republic's agenda.

Iran, as a victim of terrorism, will go on with its serious and full-fledged fight against Takfiris, Zionists and terrorists in order to establish stability and security in the region and the world, he added.

Dehqan underlined the continuation of a decisive fight against terrorists in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and other countries and urged denying financial and political support for them until their complete annihilation and restoration of peace to the war-torn region.

Establishing a comprehensive ceasefire, providing humanitarian reliefs and at the same time, by not letting terrorists to access resources, are going to constitute the preliminary steps towards restoration of peace in the region, the Iranian General said.

Pointing to the fact that takfiri terrorist groups are in pursuit o9f no moral principles, the defense minister said that US, Saudi Arabia and some other regional states' support for a so-called moderate opposition is not justifiable and it proves how fragile and fabricated is their anti-terrorism claims.

Dehqan said that today the claimants of human rights have closed their eyes to the criminal acts committed against innocent people of Syria, Iraq and Yemen.

Use of chemical weapons by Daesh and the possibility of their access to the nuclear weapons already raising alarms among the think tanks in the West, if realized, is a catastrophe and can put an end to the global security.

The commander condemned the joint operation by the Zionist and Saudi regimes in support of terrorism, adding that uniting with the enemies of mankind and Muslims, will have dangerous consequences for the Saudi rulers and Muslim nations of the region and the world will not tolerate this strategic mistake.

Dehqan called for decisive, rapid, comprehensive and consolidated action against terrorism, adding that the trilateral meeting of Tehran was held to discuss this objectives.

He asked all the Syrian groups to adopt peaceful ways and rational approaches in line with the will of Syrian people and negotiate with the country's legitimate government in order to establish peace and repel the danger of terrorism.

The defense minister thanked his Russian and Syrian counterparts for attending Tehran's anti-terrorism trilateral meeting.

He expressed hope that with collaboration and adopting strategic decisions, the dangerous plot that aims to destabilize the region, provoke separatism and damage the sovereignty of national authorities get defeated.

During the meeting, Russian and Syrian defense ministers also expressed their views on ways of promoting cooperation in the face of terorism terrorism.

The Russian and Syrian defense ministers thanked Iran for holding the meeting.


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