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Russian Jets Not Striking Syrian Moderate Opposition Observing Truce

Sputnik News

15:10 01.03.2016(updated 15:13 01.03.2016)

Russian warplanes did not attack regions controlled by Syria's 'moderate' opposition whose members joined the Moscow-Washington ceasefire agreement.

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – Russian Aerospace Forces have not delivered any airstrikes in regions under control of Syrian moderate opposition units that are observing the truce agreements, the Russian Defense Ministry said Tuesday.

"The Russian Aerospace Forces have not carried out any airstrikes in regions controlled by units of the moderate opposition that have joined the truce agreement and are observing its conditions," the Defense Ministry said in a bulletin.

On February 23, the United States and Russia reached an agreement to implement a ceasefire in Syria, to ensure humanitarian aid flows and take a tangible step toward a political resolution of the five-year-old conflict.

The cessation of hostilities went into effect on Saturday, following the passage of resolution 2268 by the UN Security Council. The ceasefire applies to all fighting parties in Syria, except Daesh, Nusra Front and other groups designated as terrorist by the United Nations.


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