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Russia, US pledge to unblock Syria talks - Brahimi

13 February 2014, 21:48

The United States and Russia have pledged to help unblock stalled negotiations between Syria's two warring sides, international mediator Lakhdar Brahimi said on Thursday. 'They have kindly reaffirmed their support for what we are trying to do and promised that they will help both here and in their capitals and elsewhere to unblock the situation for us because until now we are not making much progress in this process,' Brahimi told a news conference after holding a two-hour meeting with senior US and Russian officials in Geneva.

'Failure is always staring at us in the face. As far as the United Nations is concerned we will certainly not leave one stone unturned if there is a possibility to move forward. If there isn't, we will say so,' he said.

Moscow hopes UN SC to approach constructively Russia's resolution on Syria

Russia is hoping that partners in the UN Security Council will approach constructively the humanitarian draft resolution on Syria submitted by Moscow, the Russia Foreign Ministry said. Earlier Russia's foreign policy chief Sergei Lavrov has described the proposed draft resolution on Syria as a 'separate document.' He stressed the paper submitted today to the UN Security Council did not seek to amend the West's resolution but offered its own approach to the conflict.

'Taking into account the disposition of a number of countries in the UN Security Council, Russia has decided to express its point of view on the situation in the sphere by submitting its humanitarian draft resolution. This document is based on main statutes of the statement on Syria by the UN Security Council chairman of October 2, 2013 passed unanimously. We hope that partners will show constructive approach when considering our draft,' the Russian Foreign Ministry Information and Press Department said in a statement on Thursday.

A group of UN Security Council members have recently submitted a humanitarian draft resolution on Syria for the consideration of the Security Council.

'The document submitted essentially lays all the blame on the Syrian authorities for the serious humanitarian situation of civilians in Syria. It does not take into account numerous cases of violations of the international humanitarian law by the opposition. Besides this, the draft contains a threat of introducing sanctions against Damascus in case it does not implement the provisions of the resolution,' the statement said.

'Russia has said repeatedly that it sees no need to pass a UN Security Council resolution on the humanitarian issues at the current stage. All issues related to the humanitarian sector should be resolved by humanitarian agencies in cooperation with the Syrian government and, when necessary, with the armed opposition, including with using the format of bilateral talks in Geneva between the Syrian parties, the second round of which began on February 10,' the document said.

Russia has submitted its own UN Security Council draft resolution dedicated to the humanitarian situation in Syria, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Thursday.

Russia's draft resolution on Syria is separate document' – Lavrov

Russia's foreign policy chief Sergei Lavrov has described the proposed draft resolution on Syria as a 'separate document.' He stressed the paper submitted today to the UN Security Council did not seek to amend the West's resolution but offered its own approach to the conflict.

'We have drafted our own resolution that we expect to be discussed in the UN Security Council. It is not mere amendments to the document submitted by Luxembourg, Australia and Jordan, but is essentially our take on the role that the Security Council can play in the settlement, if we mean it, and not just seek to provoke one or the other party,' Mr. Lavrov noted.

The Russian diplomat warned that any attempt to provoke one of the rival parties would only lead to their polarization, with one side thinking it is being discriminated against and the other – in this case, the Syrian opposition – believing it has been given a free hand because 'the Security Council won't scold it anyway.'

Russia submits draft anti-terror project on Syria to UN Security Council

The Russian delegation has submitted to the UN Security Council a draft project on curbing terrorism in the country, the country's chief diplomat Sergei Lavrov has said.

'We have submitted to the Security Council – ahead of the consultations – another draft project that is aimed at tackling the issue of terrorism in Syria,' the Russian foreign minister said on Thursday.

He said the proposal was based on UN principles and took into consideration the G8 call on the opposition and the Assad administration to unite against terrorism.

Russia offers UN alternative draft resolution on Syria

Russia has put forward its own UN Security Council draft resolution on Syria, according to media reports from New York, citing UN diplomatic sources. These reports say that Moscow's envoy to the UN, Vitaly Churkin, submitted the document to the UN Security Council's permanent members for consideration on Wednesday evening (early Thursday morning Moscow time).

According to the sources, debates on Russia's draft resolution and a similar document earlier submitted by the West will continue on Thursday, but a decision on them should not be expected until the following week.

Russia has criticized the West-proposed draft resolution concerning a relief operation in Syria for effectively seeking to impose sanctions on the Syrian authorities in the future.

Russia insists on comprehensive approach to inter-Syrian talks agenda

Russia continues to insist that Syria's government and opposition delegations should simultaneously discuss different issues concerning a settlement process in the country at their negotiations in Geneva, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov said.

'The thing is that there are different issues, and they require a varying degree of efforts: some of them have a simple solution, while others call for more complex efforts and will take up more time,' Gatilov told reporters after a meeting with Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem.

'That is why, in our opinion, it would be logical to move forward in several directions simultaneously,' the diplomat said, when answering a question from Interfax whether or not the Russian side had attempted at the meeting with Muallem to sway the Syrian authorities in favor of the need of simultaneous discussions with the opposition of different matters linked with a settlement process in the country.

A Damascus representative earlier dismissed such an idea as illogical. When asked how to find a solution to this situation, where each side in the inter-Syrian talks insists on prioritizing one of the issues, Gatilov said that 'a way out of this deadlock can be discovered in both sides' political will to eventually find some mutually acceptable solution.'

The 2012 Geneva communique calls for the sides in the Syrian conflict to try to secure mutually acceptable solutions to all of the issues, he added.

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