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Iran supports Assad initiative for resolution of Syrian crisis: FM

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Tehran, Jan 7, IRNA -- Iran supports Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad's political initiative for the resolution of this country's crisis, Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi said in a statement released here on Sunday.

'Assad initiative includes solutions which stress end of violation and foreign interference in the country and describes a comprehensive political process which guarantees the presence of all voices in power based on the country's national charter; this initiative emphasizes drafting a new constitution, a parliamentarian election and the establishment of a new government.'

Salehi noted that Assad's initiative has been inspired by UN charter and joint pivots of all regional and international solutions, including Iran's six-point plan for the resolution of the Syrian crisis.

FM asked all Syrian parties, civil society institutions and national opposition as well as all regional and international partners involved in the conflict to use the opportunity for transit from the present situation and preparing the ground for a purely Syrian solution for the crisis.

'All regional and international partners should help the immediate resolution of the crisis and prevent its spread to the region.'

Iran's FM lauded Syrian president's support of the Palestinian ideals and the country's resistance toward occupying force of Zionist regime.

In his rare public appearance, Syrian President Bashar Assad offered on Sunday a plan for putting an end to the country's 22-month-old crisis stoked up by the West and some regional puppet regimes, assuring his friends and foes that he did not have the least intention of stepping down and that he would steadfastly protect his people against those he described as 'slaves of foreign powers.'

Assad outlined a new peace initiative, a strategic roadmap and proposed the formation of a national reconciliation conference and a new government and constitution while at the same time he warned against the intervention of Western and regional powers through funding the militants.

In his speech, Assad reinforced that the conflict was not one "between the government and the opposition but between the 'nation and its enemies.'

'The one thing that is sure that those who we face today are those who carry the al-Qaeda ideology. There are those who seek to disintegrate Syria and weaken it. But Syria is stronger... and will remain sovereign... and this is what upsets the West.'

However, al-Qaeda is not the only party which contributes to unrest and dissension in Syria. The US and the West are also responsible for the Syrian mayhem. Among others, the UK seems to take the most interest in and to be the staunchest supporter of a regime change or euphemistically speaking of a 'revolution' in Syria.

Syria has never "rejected a political solution" but the problem is, as Assad said, "With whom should we talk? With those who have extremist ideology who only understand the language of terrorism? Or should we negotiate with puppets that the West brought…We negotiate with the master, not with the slave.'

What appears to be a definitive solution to the crisis in Syria is inherent in Assad's own words that any resolution must be "purely Syrian and ratified by referendum, including a charter drafted at the national dialogue conference."

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