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Saudi Press Agency

Al-Jubeir in a press conference with the United Nations Humanitarian Coordinator: Kingdom's way of dealing with the attacks on oil installations will be announced in due course

Saudi Press Agency

Wednesday 1441/1/26 - 2019/09/25

New York, September 25, 2019, SPA -- Minister of State for Foreign Affairs and member of the Council of Ministers Adel bin Ahmed Al-Jubeir asserted that the kingdom is investigating seriously and consulting with all parties, and will work carefully and precisely and will reach the appropriate options to respond to the attacks against oil installations in Abqaiq and Khurais. He pointed out that the investigation will be conducted first and the kingdom will continue all consultations with its friends and allies, as this behavior is rejected and condemned, and the way the kingdom will deal with it will be announced in due course.

This came at a press conference held by the minister and the United Nations Coordinator for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Mark Lowcock on the sidelines of the meetings of the United Nations Assembly at its seventy fourth session, at the United Nations in New York, in the presence of a number of interested journalists and members of organizations participating in the meetings of the assembly.

"As for the situation after the recent attacks on Abqaiq and Khurais, we are consulting with friends and allies about the next steps that we will take," he said, in response to a question about what the kingdom wants from the Security Council and getting support from allies. He added, "We have conducted an investigation to ascertain the source of the launch of these missiles and drones, and preliminary results confirm that they were Iranian weapons, and we hold Iran responsible for this, and we asked the United Nations to send experts in support of this investigation and be part of it, and experts are now in the kingdom along with experts from other countries working on this investigation as well. When we reach the results we will know for sure from where these missiles and drones were launched, and then decide the options available after intensive consultations with friends and allies."

The minister stated, "The bottom line is that Iran's behavior cannot continue like this. Iran must abide by international law and comply with a well-established world order. This aggressive Iranian behavior must stop."

On the visit of Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi to the kingdom, and the next steps regarding the Saudi-Iraqi relations and the issue of Alhashd Alshaabi "Popular Mobilization", he said, "Iraq is a sisterly country and a neighboring country, and we have a common history with it, and there are family, tribal and historical ties between the two countries. The kingdom and Iraq have distinguished relations between them. We have recently opened an embassy and several Saudi consulates in Iraq, and there is work to open border crossings with Iraq, and there is commercial flights between the two countries, and a rise in trade exchange between the two countries, and we continue to develop relations and cooperation in all fields with Iraq, and with regard to the Popular Mobilization, I think the world is talking to Iraq about this, and the whole world wants to see a solution. Iraq is a state that must enjoy its full sovereignty and independence."

The United Nations Coordinator for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Mark Lowcock said that many people in Yemen could have died without the kingdom's generous funding, pointing out that humanitarian operations do not fully solve the problem in Yemen and this requires peace, stability, recovery and development. But for now, as we move forward, we must save the lives of children, women and men in Yemen.

On the theft of aid by the Houthis, he explained that the United Nations program faces many challenges to reach the hungry and sick in Yemen and there is lack of security and obstacles toward approvals, stressing that any corruption or thefts are not acceptable at all.

Lowcock pointed out that investigations are conducted when there are allegations, because we are determined that the funds we get from generous donors get to the desired destinations.

Regarding the means to verify the arrival of aid to beneficiaries, Lowcock said that the only way to verify that the people we seek to help get the assistance they need, is by asking them and not asking the agencies that provided this assistance but ask them independently.

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