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Nuland: US to Work With Germany to Block Nord Stream 2 if Russia 'Invades' Ukraine

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WASHINGTON (Sputnik) - The United States is going to work with Germany to make sure that the Nord Stream 2 pipeline does not move forward should Russia decide to "invade" Ukraine, Under Secretary of State Victoria Nuland said on Thursday.

Nuland said that Nord Stream 2 "will not move forward one way or another" if Russia "invades Ukraine."

"We have had extensive consultations at every level with our German allies," Nuland told a press briefing. "We will work with Germany to ensure that the pipeline does not move forward."

Nuland also expressed hope that Russian President Vladimir Putin will see a chance for a legacy of security and arms control, rather than a legacy of war in the Western response to Moscow's security proposals.

"The most important thing we heard from Moscow today is that the documents are with President Putin, that he is studying them and we hope he will see here a real opportunity for a legacy of security and arms control rather than a legacy of war," she said.

In addition, the Under Secretary of State noted that the US is ready for bilateral talks with Russia as well as for negotiations within NATO and OSCE.

"From where we're standing, the ball is in their [Russia's] court. But we are ready for talks bilaterally, NATO-Russia, OSCE whenever they are ready," she said.

In December, Kremlin announced a list of security proposals, expected to de-escalate tensions between Moscow and NATO over the situation in eastern Ukraine. The documents suggest that the sides provide legally binding written guarantees to each other not to deploy troops and military equipment in areas where they could be viewed as a threat to the other side and also restrict the deployment of Russia and US nuclear weapons abroad.

In addition to that, Moscow suggested that the US and NATO make a commitment not to continue the alliance's expansion to the east and never accept Ukraine or any other former Soviet republic into NATO.

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