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Moscow to Establish Military Representation in CAR - Draft Document

Sputnik News

01:23 09.10.2018(updated 01:38 09.10.2018)

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – Russia will offer the Central African Republic (CAR) to establish a representation of the Russian Defense Ministry at the CAR Defense Ministry, according to a document published on the official portal of legal information on Monday.

"To approve the draft agreement between the governments of Russia and the CAR, submitted by the Russian Defense Ministry and coordinated with the Russian Foreign Ministry, on the establishment of a representation of the Russian Defense Ministry at the CAR Defense Ministry," the document reads.

The Russian Defense Ministry is expected to hold talks with the CAR and on behalf of the Russian government, to sign the agreement. Non-fundamental changes to the draft are allowed if necessary, the statement adds.

The goal of the draft deal is to assist the CAR in resolving issues of military and defense industry cooperation, as well as to train the CAR military personnel by the Russian specialists, the statement reads.

According to the project, the representation will be maintained at the expense of the Russian side, and will consist of five people.

The staff of the mission will not participate in hostilities in the territory of the CAR. If they find themselves in an emergency situation, the CAR authorities will take measures to ensure their safety, the document says.

Since 2012, the CAR has been destabilized by the conflict between the Muslim armed group Seleka, Christian Anti-balaka militias and the government. In late August, Seleka and Anti-balaka signed a declaration of understanding after a Russia-brokered peace meeting in Khartoum.


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