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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

President's Address to the Federal Assembly

March 1, 2018

[national security excerpts]

The Syrian operation showed the increased capabilities of the Armed Forces of Russia. In recent years, great work has been done to strengthen the army and navy. The equipment of the Armed Forces with modern weapons has increased 3.7 times. More than 300 new models of military equipment have been adopted. The strategic nuclear forces received 80 new intercontinental ballistic missiles, 102 ballistic missiles of submarines, and three strategic missile submarines "Borey". 12 rocket regiments have been rearmed to the new Yars missile system. The number of carriers of high-precision weapons of long range increased more than 12 times, and high-precision cruise missiles - more than 30 times. The power of general-purpose forces, the Air and Space Forces and the Navy increased significantly.

The names of our newest aircraft, submarines, air defense systems, and sea, air and land-based missile systems are now known to the whole country and to the whole world. All this is the latest, high-tech weapon of the last time. A continuous radar field of the missile attack warning system has been created along the perimeter of Russia's borders (very important!). After the collapse of the Soviet Union there were huge "holes". Everything is restored.

A qualitative leap was made in the development of unmanned aircraft, the National Center for Defense Management of the Russian Federation was created, and an operational command of the far sea zone was formed. The number of servicemen under the contract increased 2.4 times, the manning of the Armed Forces from 70 percent was brought to 95-100 percent, the long-term turn to permanent housing was liquidated. His waiting time is reduced by 6 times.

Now about the main thing in this part, in the section "Defense".

We will speak about the newest systems of Russian strategic weapons that we create in response to the unilateral withdrawal of the United States of America from the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty and the practical deployment of this system both in the territory of the United States and beyond their national borders.

Should here make a little digression into the recent past.

Back in 2000, the US raised the issue of the United States withdrawing from the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty. Russia was categorically against it. We proceeded from the premise that the Soviet-American ABM Treaty of 1972 was the cornerstone of the international security system. According to this agreement, each of the parties had the right to deploy on its territory only one region, which protected it from a missile attack. In Russia, such a system was deployed around Moscow, in the US - around the base of the land-based missiles "Grand Forks".

Along with the Treaty on the Limitation of Strategic Nuclear Offensive Arms, this agreement not only created a certain atmosphere of confidence, but also guaranteed from the mindless, dangerous for all mankind the use of one side of nuclear weapons, since the limitations of missile defense systems made the potential aggressor vulnerable to a retaliatory strike.

We have long persuaded the Americans not to destroy the ABM Treaty, not to violate the strategic balance. Everything is in vain. In 2002, the US unilaterally withdrew from this treaty. But even after that, we tried for a long time to establish a constructive dialogue with them. We proposed to establish joint work in this field in order to remove concerns and preserve the atmosphere of confidence. At some point it seemed to me that a compromise could be found, but no. All our proposals, all our proposals were rejected. We stated then that we will be forced to improve our modern strike complexes in order to ensure our own security. In response, we were told: "The US is creating a global missile defense system not against you, not against Russia, but you do what you want. We will proceed from the fact that this is not against us, not against the United States. "

Where did this position come from, in general, it is understandable. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia, which was called the Soviet Union in Soviet times, was called abroad, Soviet Russia, if we talked about our national borders, lost 23.8 percent of the territory, 48.5 percent of the population, 41 percent of the gross social product , 39.4 percent of the industrial potential (I pay attention, almost half), 44.6 percent of the military potential in connection with the division of the Armed Forces of the USSR between the former union republics. Technology in the Russian army became obsolete, the Armed Forces themselves were, frankly, in a deplorable state. There was a civil war in the Caucasus, and American inspectors sat at our leading enrichment plants.

The question at one time was not even about whether we could develop a strategic weapons system, some were wondering if it was possible for our country to safely maintain and maintain the nuclear weapons that we inherited from the collapse of the USSR. Russia was all in debt, without credits from the IMF and the World Bank, the economy did not work, it was impossible to keep the social sphere.

Apparently, our partners have developed a firm opinion that the revival of the economy, industry, the defense industry complex and the Armed Forces of our country to the level providing the necessary strategic potential is impossible in the foreseeable historical perspective. And if this is so, then there is no point in reckoning with Russia's opinion, we need to go further and achieve the ultimate unilateral military advantage, and then dictate our terms in all other areas.

In principle, such a position, such a logic, based on the realities of the time, can be understood, we ourselves are to blame for this. All these years, all 15 years after the US withdrawal from the ABM Treaty, have persistently tried to bring the Americans back to serious discussion, to reach agreements in the field of strategic stability.

Something we managed to do. In 2010, the START III Treaty was signed between Russia and the United States on measures to further reduce and limit strategic offensive weapons. However, with the implementation of plans to build a global missile defense system, which continues today, all the agreements within START III are gradually devaluated, because simultaneously with the reduction of carriers and warheads simultaneously and uncontrollably by one of the parties, namely the US, the number of interceptor missiles is increasing, their quality characteristics, new positional areas are being created, which in the end, if we do nothing, will lead to a complete devaluation of the Russian nuclear potential. Well, it's just that it will be intercepted, that's all.

Despite our numerous protests and appeals, the American car has earned, the conveyor has gone. Already, ABM systems in Alaska and California are operating, as a result of NATO's eastward expansion, two missile defense areas appeared in Eastern Europe: in Romania it has already been established, and deployment in Poland is coming to an end. The range of anti-missiles used will grow, it is planned to deploy them in Japan and South Korea. The global missile defense system of the United States includes a naval grouping - five cruisers and 30 destroyers, as far as we know, deployed in areas in the immediate vicinity of the territory of Russia. I'm not exaggerating anything here, the work is still in full swing today.

And what have we done, besides protests and warnings? What did Russia answer to this challenge? That's what.

All these years after the unilateral withdrawal of the US from the ABM Treaty, we worked hard on advanced technology and weapons. This allowed us to make a rapid, big step in the creation of new models of strategic weapons.

Let me remind you that the US global missile defense system is being created mainly to combat strategic missiles flying along a ballistic trajectory. This weapon forms the basis of our nuclear deterrence forces. As well as, however, and other states of the "nuclear club".

In this regard, Russia has developed and is constantly improving very modest in price, but highly effective missile defense systems, with which all our intercontinental ballistic missile systems are equipped.

In addition, we proceeded to develop a new generation of rockets. In particular, at present the Ministry of Defense, in conjunction with the rocket and space industry, has begun an active phase of testing a new missile complex with a heavy intercontinental missile. We called it "Sarmat".

This missile system will replace the complex "Voevod", created in the Soviet Union. Everyone always recognized his high fighting power. Our foreign colleagues, as you know, have appropriated to him even a very threatening name.

But the capabilities of the rocket "Sarmat" are much higher. With a weight of over 200 tons, it has a short active part of the flight, which makes it difficult to intercept the missile defense. The range of a new heavy rocket, the number and power of combat blocks is more than that of Voevoda. "Sarmat" will be equipped with a wide range of nuclear weapons of high power, including hypersonic, and the most advanced missile defense systems. High characteristics for the protection of launchers and large energy capabilities will ensure the application of this complex in any situation.

Video show, please.

(A video is shown.)

The "Voevod" has a range of 11 thousand kilometers, the new system of limitations on the range is practically nonexistent.

As can be seen from the video, he is able to attack targets both through the North and South Pole. "Sarmat" is a very formidable weapon, because of its characteristics, it does not interfere with any even promising missile defense systems.

But we did not stop there. We have begun developing new types of strategic weapons that do not use ballistic flight trajectories at all when moving towards the target, which means that missile defense systems in their struggle are useless and simply pointless.

Then we will talk about such weapons.

Perspective weapons systems in Russia are based on the latest unique achievements of our scientists, designers, engineers. One of them is the creation of a small-sized superpower nuclear power plant, which is housed in a cruise missile like our latest X-101 missile, air-launched or American, Tomahawk, but at the same time it provides dozens of times! - agreater range of flight, which is practically unlimited. A low-flying, barely noticeable cruise missile carrying a nuclear warhead with practically unlimited range, unpredictable flight trajectory and the possibility of bypassing interception lines is invulnerable to all existing and prospective systems of both missile defense and air defense. These words I will pronounce today more than once.

At the end of 2017, a successful launch of the newest Russian cruise missile with a nuclear power plant took place at the Central Range of the Russian Federation. In the course of the flight, the power plant reached the set power level, provided the necessary level of thrust.

The launch of the missile and a complex of ground tests allow us to proceed to the creation of a fundamentally new type of weapons - a strategic complex of nuclear weapons with a missile equipped with a nuclear power plant.

Video, please.

(A video is shown.)

The round of defense lines is shown. Since the range is not limited, it can maneuver for as long as you want.

As you know, there is no such thing in the world yet. One day, probably, will appear, but during this time our guys will think of something else.

Further. It is well known that in the world unmanned armament systems are actively designed and created. I can say that in Russia unmanned underwater vehicles capable of moving at great depths (and, I would say, at very deep depths) and intercontinental range at a speed that is multiple of the speed of submarines, the most advanced torpedoes and all types, even the most high-speed, surface ships. It's just fantastic. They have low noise, high maneuverability and are practically invulnerable to the enemy. Funds that can resist them, to date in the world simply does not exist.

Unmanned underwater vehicles can be equipped with both conventional and nuclear munitions. This will allow them to hit a wide range of targets, including carrier groups, coastal fortifications and infrastructure.

In December 2017, a multi-year trial cycle of an innovative nuclear power plant was completed to equip this autonomous uninhabited vehicle. The nuclear installation has a unique small size and at the same time an extremely high power-to-weight ratio. When the volume of a hundred times smaller than the setting of modern submarines, is used forgreater power and 200 times less time to battle mode, that is, at the maximum power.

The results of the tests made it possible for us to proceed with the creation of a fundamentally new type of strategic weapon equipped with high-power nuclear munitions.

Video, please.

(A video is shown.)

By the way, the conventional names of these two new types of strategic weapons of Russia - a cruise missile of a global range and an unmanned underwater vehicle - have not yet been selected. We are waiting for proposals on the websites of the Ministry of Defense.

It is well known that countries with a high level of scientific potential and advanced technologies are actively developing the so-called hypersonic weapons. Supersonic speed is measured, as is known, by mahamas in honor of the Austrian scientist Ernst Mach, who was engaged in research in this field. One fly is 1062 kilometers per hour at an altitude of 11 kilometers. One speed of sound - one swing, one to five - supersonic, five or more - hypersound. Possession of such weapons, of course, gives serious advantages in the field of armed struggle. Its power, power, military experts say, can be huge, and speed makes it invulnerable to today's missile defense and air defense systems, since anti-missiles, they simply do not catch up with. In this connection, it is understandable why the leading armies of the world seek to possess such an ideal weapon today.

Dear friends! Russia has such weapons. Has already.

The most important stage of modern weapons systems was the creation of a high-precision hypersonic aircraft-missile complex, as you already knew for sure, without world analogues. His tests have been successfully completed, and, moreover, since December 1 of last year the complex began to carry out pilot-combat duty at the airfields of the Southern Military District.

Unique flight characteristics of a high-speed carrier aircraft allow the missile to be delivered to the point of discharge within minutes. At the same time, a missile flying at a hypersonic speed exceeding the speed of sound by a factor of ten also maneuver on all sections of the flight path, which also allows it to overcome all existing and, I think, prospective anti-aircraft and anti-missile defense systems, range more than two thousand kilometers of nuclear and conventional warheads. We called this system "Dagger".

Video, please.

(A video is shown.)

But that's not all, as I will say today.

A real technological breakthrough is the creation of a strategic missile complex with a fundamentally new combat equipment - a planning wing unit, which has also been successfully tested. I repeat once again that we have repeatedly told our American and European partners - NATO members that we will take the necessary measures to neutralize the threats that arise for us in connection with the deployment of the US global missile defense system. They talked about this during the talks, and even publicly. Back in 2004, after the exercises of the strategic nuclear forces, during which the system was tested for the first time, about which I now speak, at a meeting with the press I said. It's embarrassing to quote, but just today it will be right. So it was said: "In the conditions of qualitative and quantitative growth of the military potential of other states of Russia, a breakthrough is needed in order to have the weapons and equipment of the new generation. In this regard, I can be pleased to inform you that as a result of the experiments conducted in these exercises, the experiments that have ended successfully, we finally became convinced and confirmed - in the near future, the newest technical complexes will be supplied to the arsenal of the Russian Army, the Strategic Missile Forces, which are able to hit targets at intercontinental depth with hypersonic speed and high accuracy, with the possibility of a deep maneuver both in height and course. I must say that in every word that has just sounded, every word matters. At present there are no such weapon systems in any country of the world ".

Of course, every word matters, because it was about the possibility of circumvention of the interception lines. Why did we do all this? Why did we say this? We did not, as you can see, make any secrets out of our plans, but spoke about it openly and to first of all induce our partners to negotiate. I repeat, it was 2004. Even surprising, but despite all the problems that we faced in the economy, in finance, in the defense industry, in the army, nevertheless Russia remained and remains the largest nuclear power. No, with us no one really wanted to talk, no one listened to us. Listen now.

So, from the existing types of combat equipment, this system is distinguished by its ability to fly in dense layers of the atmosphere to the intercontinental range at a hypersonic speed exceeding the Mach number by more than 20 times.

When moving towards the goal, the planning wing unit, as I said in 2004, carries out deep maneuvering, both lateral (several thousand kilometers) and height. This makes it absolutely invulnerable to any means of anti-aircraft and anti-missile defense.

The use of new composite materials has made it possible to solve the problem of a long-term controlled flight of a planning wing block practically under conditions of plasma formation. He goes to the goal as a meteorite, like a burning ball, like a fireball. The temperature on the surface of the product reaches 1600-2000 degrees Celsius, the winged unit at the same time is reliably controlled.

Video, please give.

(A video is shown.)

For obvious reasons, we can not show today the true appearance, the true appearance of this product. Even this now matters, serious significance. I think everyone understands this. But I assure you, all this is available and works well. Moreover, Russian industrial enterprises have started serial production of this system - this is another new type of strategic weapons in Russia. We called it the "Vanguard".

We are also well aware of the fact that a number of states are working to create promising weapons on new physical principles. There is every reason to believe that here we are one step ahead. In any case, where it is most needed.

So, significant results have been achieved in the creation of laser weapons. And this is not just a theory or projects, and not even just the beginning of production. Since last year, the military has already received combat laser systems.

I do not want to go into details in this part, it's just not the time. But experts will understand that the presence of such combat complexes multiply the possibilities of Russia, in multiple, in the sphere of ensuring its security.

Watch a short video.

(A video is shown.)

Those who are interested in military equipment, would also like to propose, would ask that they offer the name and this new technology, this newest complex.

Of course, we will be engaged in debugging, development, perfection of our newest weapon systems. And, of course, today I did not say much about all our achievements and promising developments. But today is enough.

I would like to emphasize that the created and created samples of new strategic weapons, in fact, new types of strategic weapons - this is not a reserve for the times of the Soviet Union. In the course of the work, we, of course, relied on some ideas of our brilliant predecessors, but all that I said today is the latest developments of recent years, this is the result of the efforts of dozens, dozens of scientific organizations, design offices, institutes. Above this, quietly, modestly, without any narcissism, with full force and for thousands of years, it was thousands of our specialists, wonderful scientists, designers, engineers, passionate about their work of talented workers. There are a lot of young people among them. All of them, as well as our servicemen who demonstrated in the combat conditions the best qualities of the Russian army, all of them are real heroes of our time. I want to turn to each of them and say: of course, there will be prizes and awards and honorary titles, but I know that many of you have met on several occasions personally that you are not working for rewards. The main thing is to ensure the safety of the Fatherland and our people. And as the head of the Russian state on behalf of the people of Russia, I heartily thank you for your work and for its results. They are so needed for our Motherland today!

At the heart of all promising military developments, as I have already said, are outstanding achievements that can, should and will in due time be used in high-tech civilian industries. But what I want to emphasize is that such a unique, complex weapon can be successfully developed and produced only by the state with the highest level of fundamental science and education, a powerful research, technological, industrial, personnel base. And you see that Russia has all these resources.

We will increase this potential, concentrate these opportunities on solving those large-scale tasks that the country faces in the economy, in the social sphere, in infrastructure. And such a confident long-term development of Russia will always be reliably protected.

I repeat, each of these weapons systems is unique and important, but more importantly, all this together makes it possible for the specialists of the Ministry of Defense and the General Staff to create a perspective, comprehensive defense system of the country, in which each newest instrument of armed struggle has its own role. Along with the already existing and already standing strategic weapons, which we are also constantly improving, Russia gets such a defense system that will reliably ensure its security for the long term.

Of course, there is still much to be done in the field of military construction, but today we can justifiably state: in Russia, a modern, compact, high-tech army, with the vastness of our territory, whose heart is devoted to its homeland, ready for any sacrifices for the sake of its people. body. Technology, weapons, even the most modern, will sooner or later appear in other armies of the world. It does not bother us at all, we already have it and it will be even better. The main thing is in the other. Such people, such officers as our pilot Guard Major Roman Filipov, they will never be!

I hope that everything that was said today will sober any potential aggressor, and such unfriendly moves towards Russia, as deploying an ABM system, approaching NATO's infrastructure to our borders and the like, from the military point of view become ineffective, with financial - unjustifiably costly and ultimately just meaningless for those who initiate and do it.

About everything that was said today, we somehow should inform our partners in accordance with the international obligations assumed earlier. At the right time and in the right amount, experts from the Foreign Ministry and the Defense Ministry will discuss these issues with them more than once, if, of course, our partners want it.

For my part, I note that all the efforts to strengthen Russia's defense capabilities have been carried out and are being carried out by us within the framework of existing agreements in the field of arms control, nothing we do not violate. I would like to emphasize: Russia's growing military power does not threaten anyone, we did not have any plans to use this potential in offensive, and even more so for aggressive purposes.

We do not threaten anyone, we are not going to attack anyone, we do not intend to take anything away from anyone, threatening with a weapon: we all have everything ourselves. On the contrary, I consider it necessary to emphasize (and this is very important): the growing military power of Russia is a reliable guarantee of peace on our planet, since this power preserves and will maintain the strategic balance and balance of forces in the world, which, as is known, was and remains one of the the most important factors of international security after the Second World War and to the present day.

And those who have been trying to inflate the arms race over the past 15 years are trying to obtain unilateral advantages against Russia, introducing restrictions and sanctions illegal from the international legal point of view in order to contain the development of our country, including in the military sphere, I will say: everything what you were trying to prevent, to prevent, conducting such a policy, has already happened. Could not restrain Russia!

Now we need to realize this reality, to make sure that everything that I have said today is not a bluff - and it's not a bluff, believe me, to think, to send those who live in the past to a well-deserved rest and are not able to look into the future , stop rocking the boat in which we are all located and which is called "Planet Earth".

In this regard, I would like to note here one more circumstance. Of particular concern are some of the provisions of the updated review of the US nuclear strategy, which increases the possibilities for reduction and reduces the threshold for the use of nuclear weapons. And it's possible to calm down anyone behind the scenes and to calm them, but we read what is written. And it is written so that it can be used in response to attacks by conventional weapons or even on a cyber threat.

I note that in our military doctrine, Russia reserves the right to use nuclear weapons only in response to the use of nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction against it or its allies, or in case of aggression against us with the use of conventional weapons, when the very existence of the state is threatened. Everything is very clear, clear, concrete.

In this regard, I consider it my duty to state the following. Any use of nuclear weapons against Russia or its allies with small, medium, and any power we will consider as a nuclear attack on our country. The answer will be immediate and with all the ensuing consequences.

Nobody on this account should have any doubts. It is not necessary to create new threats for the world, but on the contrary, it is necessary to sit down at the negotiating table and together think about the renewed, promising system of international security and sustainable development of civilization. We've always told you about this. All these proposals remain in force, Russia is ready for this.

Our policy will never be based on claims of exclusivity, we defend our interests and respect the interests of other countries, we are guided by international law, we consider the UN key role to be unshakable. It is these principles and approaches that allow us to build solid, good and equal relations with the absolute majority of the states of the world.


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