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Russian Anti-Submarine Destroyer Vice-Admiral Kulakov Enters Mediterranean

Sputnik News

17:00 12.08.2017

A spokesman of the Russian Northern Fleet said that Russia's Vice-Admiral Kulakov anti-submarine destroyer has entered the Mediterranean Sea.

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – Russia's Vice-Admiral Kulakov anti-submarine destroyer has entered the Mediterranean Sea, the Russian Northern Fleet's spokesman, Capt. 1st Rank Vadim Serga, said Saturday.

"Today, the large anti-submarine ship of the Northern Fleet, Vice Admiral Kulakov, performing long-voyage tasks, made the passage through the narrowest part of the Strait of Gibraltar and entered the Mediterranean Sea. The passage of the strait, the narrowest part of which is 14 kilometers [9 miles], took place in the daytime in conditions of intensive navigation," Serga said.

In the Bay of Biscay, the crew of Vice Admiral Kulakov conducted training for submarine search, among others practicing interaction with the crew of the onboard Kamov Ka-27 helicopter, the spokesman specified.

Serga added that the ship left Severomorsk, the Northern Fleet's headquarters, in June, participated in the Main Naval Parade in St. Petersburg and then sailed to the Northern Sea.

In 2016, Vice Admiral Kulakov made three long voyages in the Arctic, Atlantic and Indian oceans and the Mediterranean Sea.


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