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Russian Navy Aims to Increase Number of Strategic Subs Armed With Missiles

Sputnik News

12:49 24.05.2017(updated 12:50 24.05.2017)

Nine strategic submarines reinforce Russia's Strategic Missile Forces and allow for permanent patrol of the world's oceans, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said at a government hour session Wednesday.

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – Moreover, the Russian Navy aims to increase the number of strategic nuclear submarines to 13, including seven 'Boreys' with 'Bulava' missiles.

"Russia's naval nuclear forces have nine strategic submarines that provide continuous military patrols in the sea. The Russian Navy is also planning to increase the number of strategic nuclear submarines to 13, including seven 'Boreys' with 'Bulava' missiles," Shoigu said.

A total of eight Borey-class submarines are planned to join the Russian Navy by 2020 to be the backbone of Russia's marine nuclear forces. The first three have been launched, and another three are currently under construction. The Bulava entered service with the Yuri Dolgoruky on January 10, 2013.

Speaking at a so-called government hour session, he estimated the fleet's share of modern arms at 47 percent. "In order to improve the effectiveness of management, coastal troops are transitioning to the organizational structure of the army corps. four army corps have already been formed in the Northern, Baltic and Black Sea fleets."

Four army corps have been established across three of the Russian Navy fleets to increase their management efficiency, Shoigu said.


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