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Eyes on Target: Russian Troops Get New High-Tech Image-Stabilizing Binoculars

Sputnik News

19:17 29.09.2016

Russian naval personnel and airborne assault troops have received new state-of-the-art image-stabilizing binoculars that vastly outclass all foreign analogues.

The new BSh 10x50 and BKS 20x50 series military binoculars, developed and manufactured by the Shvabe Holding, a Rostec subsidiary, utilize a unique stabilization mechanism which uses relies on magnetic fields instead of gyroscopes and digital matrixes.

A source in the Russian Defense Ministry told Izvestia newspaper that the new binoculars are already being supplied to the nation's airborne assault and marine forces and to the navy.

"The new mechanical image-stabilizing binoculars were extensively tested during this year. They were used in all of the latest drills: in the Arctic, in the mountains. Even in the most extreme conditions, the binoculars provided a clear image," the source said.

The new BSh 10x50 and BKS 20x50 series wide-angle binoculars offer 20-fold magnification with angular field of view of 6.8 degrees. The binoculars are resistant to dust and humidity and can operate in extreme temperatures, from minus 40 to plus 40 degrees Celsius.

The binoculars' internal optical systems are not rigidly fixed in place, but instead 'float' in a magnetic field generated by powerful magnets installed on the casing. When the binoculars are jolted, this mechanism smoothly compensates for the unwanted movement and helps maintain a stable image.

Shvabe Holding Deputy CEO Dmitry Zhidkov explained that the company effectively managed to develop a mechanical image stabilization technology that does not require a power source and is highly resistant to both extreme environmental conditions and to electronic warfare attacks.

Formed in 2008, the Shvabe Holding is a union of over 60 manufacturing companies and R&D organizations that develop and produce optical and optoelectronic systems.


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