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Russian Armata Combat Vehicles to be Integrated Into Real-Time Control Network

Sputnik News

16:10 24.08.2016(updated 16:12 24.08.2016)

New Russian combat vehicles will be integrated into the Andromeda-D automatic control system. This would enhance cooperation between Russia airborne and ground troops.

Russian advanced combat vehicles of the Armata, Kurganets and Bumerang families will be integrated in the Andromeda-D automatic control system of the Airborne Forces.

As a result, the command of the forces would be able to give real-time orders to tank and combat vehicle crews as well as to receive all required information about the technical and tactical status of the hardware, including its speed, route as well as fuel and ammo reserves.

"The technical design specifications have already been worked out and sent to developing companies. The first stage of the development will be completed by the end of 2017," a military source close to the matter told the Russian newspaper Izvestia.

According to the source, no special changes are required to be made to the vehicles because compatibility will be reached at the software and hardware level. Several upgrades will be made to the vehicles' communication systems. However, there is much work to do with the software.

The Andromeda automatic control system was developed by the Russian defense company Sozvezdia. It is a network of ES-1866 mobile personal computers designed for real-time share of information between all military levels.

Communications go via radio, radio relay or space lines. The system can be operated both at command posts and in the field.

The system has specially designed software with electronic maps so users can make online changes to the maps about the locations of enemy troops. Friendly forces are registered in the system automatically, based on GPS/GLONASS navigation data.

According to the developer, the Andromeda is now actively used by Russian airborne units.

"Armata, Kurganets and Bumerang vehicles are part of the Ground Forces. They own control and management system, the ESU TZ. But there can be tactical scenarios when airborne troops work together with infantry and tank units. This is why airborne and ground forces commanders should have access to all information," military expert Viktor Murakhovskiy told Izvestia.

It is interesting that the planned integration will be two-way. Commanders will be able to give orders to troops using the newest BMD-4M and Rakushka-MD combat vehicles but also the old BMD-2 and BTR-D.

"The Armata, Bumergan and Kurganets are equipped with information and control systems which register signals from different sensors, including coordinates, speed and fuel and ammo reserves. All this data will be available for commanders in real time," another source said.

As for old combat vehicles, they are not equipped with such system so data will be limited to speed, coordinates and some other parameters, according to the source.


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