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Russia's 6th Yasen-Class Nuclear Submarine to Be Laid Down on July 29 - Source

Sputnik News

14:08 26.07.2016

Russia's sixth Yasen-class submarine will be laid down at the Sevmash ship-building company in the city of Severodvinsk on July 29, a defense industry source told RIA Novosti on Tuesday.

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – The Russian Navy currently possesses one Yasen-class submarine, the Severodvinsk, with four more vessels of this class under construction and two, including the Perm, yet to be laid down.

"The submarine will be called 'Perm.' The laying down of the vessel is timed to take place close to the Navy Day, celebrated on July 31," the source said.

A total of six updated Yasen-class submarines are due to join the Russian Navy by 2020.

The Severodvinsk vessel has a submerged displacement of 13,800 tons, a length of some 390 feet, can travel at speeds up to 31 knots, and can dive to depths of almost 2,000 feet. The submarine is armed with naval mines, the Oniks and Kalibr anti-ship missiles and a range of torpedoes.

According to Russia's Naval Doctrine, the Yasen-class submarines will become the main multipurpose nuclear-powered subs in the Russian Navy.


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