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Russia Begins Underwater Robot Construction for Fifth-Generation Submarines

Sputnik News

15:30 18.03.2016(updated 15:38 18.03.2016)

Russian design bureaus are developing unmanned underwater vehicles for deployment by fifth-generation submarines.

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – Two Russian design bureaus began developing unmanned underwater vehicles for deployment by fifth-generation submarines, an official representative of the United Shipbuilding Corporation told RIA Novosti on Friday.

'The Rubin and Malakhit [design bureaus] are involved in the development. The decision to equip these devices and assigning them tasks will be taken during the layout shaping of the fifth-generation submarines,' the official said.

The new nuclear submarines are expected to have advanced stealth, noise-reduction, automated reconnaissance and warning systems, Russian Navy's Commander-in-Chief Adm. Viktor Chirkov said last fall.

'They will be released from the submarine for environmental monitoring using different hardware or to attack the enemy. Torpedoes can be used as a weapon on these carriers. We are calling them underwater robots for now,' the official added.

The Sevmash shipyard in northern Russia said in July that the construction of fifth-generation nuclear-powered submarines could begin by 2020.


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