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Russian Army Designs New 'Invisible' Bridge to Fool Potential Foes

Sputnik News

15:58 14.03.2016

The Russian Armed Forces will get state-of-the-art road bridges that will be invisible to modern detection systems, according to the Russian Deputy Defense Minister Dmitry Bulgakov.

The Russian Defense Ministry along with the country's industrial enterprises are developing sophisticated motorway bridges that will be invisible to modern detection systems, Russian Deputy Defense Minister Dmitry Bulgakov was quoted by RIA Novosti as saying.

'These new portable motorway bridges cannot be tracked by current methods, something that will improve the survivability of the bridge crossings,' Bulgakov said.

According to him, the bridges are made from composite and other innovative materials, which will help reduce their total weight, increase payload capacity and span length, as well as facilitate the assembly of the bridges.

'In addition, the creation of these bridges should reduce their maintenance costs and increase the service life, as well as making them easier to store,' Bulgakov added.

According to him, manufacturers undertaking the research and development without using any money from the state budget.

Bulgakov also said that adding to the construction of the bridges will be specialists of the Russian Khrulev Military Academy of Logistics and Procurement.

Last year, Russian President Vladimir Putin pointed to a wide array of challenges his country faces near its borders, and called for a strong army that he said should be equipped with the most advanced weapons.

According to him, such an army 'equipped with sophisticated weapons guarantees Russia's sovereignty and territorial integrity.'


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