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Russian Stealth Supersonic Aircraft PAK FA Revolutionizes Aviation

Sputnik News

18:27 09.08.2015(updated 18:36 09.08.2015)

The PAK FA is a single-seat, twin-engine jet fighter, and the first operational aircraft in Russian service to use stealth technology.

It was designed by the Sukhoi Design Bureau. The aircraft will be used to achieve air superiority and assist in ground attacks.

Besides its ability to fly at speeds well above Mach 2, the T-50 boasts other, even more important, features such as invisibility to radar and powerful weapons which will be unveiled later.

PAK FA or T-50 has unique features making it the best in its class among other similar aircrafts in the world.

So far Russia has five such aircrafts. The aircraft meets all the requirements of the fifth generation fighter. It is undistinguished, has a supersonic cruise speed, it is able to maneuver with large congestion, equipped with advanced electronics and is multifunctional.

It's capable of performing all known aerobatic maneuvers, a feature that sets it apart from any foreign competitors.

This aircraft is able to "stop" in midflight bringing down speed to zero performing a free fall and then re-gaining altitude and speed.

The Deputy Head of Flight Operations Company 'Sukhoi', honored test pilot, Sergey Bogdan, has tested more than fifty different types of combat aircrafts. According to him the T-50 has a much higher controllability than other machines.

"It has a high sustainability. In the future, it will carry out fundamentally new aerobatics," said Bogdan.

"Engine nozzle deflects in such a way that the plane stabilizes its position. Dangerous unfolding moments do not arise, making it pretty amazing," says test.

A special suit for pilots who will fly the newest Sukhoi PAK FA (also known as T-50) jet fighter has been developed by Russian engineers and scientists. The suit was specially designed to make the pilot feel comfortable during supersonic-speed flights. It is equipped with an anti-G system which features a hose for delivering air to the pilot.

The gear also features pockets for flight documents. In the abdominal area there is a metal plate which presses against the pilot's body to maintain blood flow to the head.

The costume was developed and is being currently tested by Zvezda R&D center in the city of Tomilino, near Moscow.


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