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Russia to Begin Constructing New Kalina-Class Submarines After 2020

Sputnik News

14:25 30.07.2015(updated 15:18 30.07.2015)

Russia will start building new fifth-generation Kalina submarines after 2020, according to a Navy source. The submarines will have advantages over diesel-electric and nuclear submarines.

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – The construction of new fifth-generation non-nuclear Kalina submarines equipped with air-independent propulsion systems will begin after 2020, a high-ranking Russian Navy source said Thursday.

'We are working on the Kalina project, and the first vessel will have its keel laid after 2020,' the source told RIA Novosti.

According to the source, anaerobic propulsion systems do not have enough capacity for the vessel's engine yet.

'Such a system will be constructed in 2018. Accordingly, after this the boat's keel will be laid. This will be after 2020,' the source added.

Kalina-class submarines were unveiled in 2014.

Air-independent power plants offer significant advantages over diesel-electric submarines, which need to surface regularly to recharge batteries, and nuclear submarines, which must constantly run noisy pumps to cool their reactors.

The submarines, currently in use by several navies around the world, can stay submerged for weeks at a time.


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