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Kremlin regrets confrontational tone of US national military strategy


July 02, 14:32 UTC+3

SPokesman Dmitry Peskov is certain this can hardly contribute to attempts to somehow steer bilateral relations towards normalization

MOSCOW, July 2. /TASS/. A new version of Russia's national security strategy, currently in the draft phase, will envisage countermeasures against all likely threats, Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said in reply to a question from TASS. As he commented on Washington's new military strategy, he expressed regret the document by no means contributed to the cause of normalizing relations with Russia but on the contrary carried an outspokenly confrontational message.

'True, such work is underway,' he said about the drafting of a new version of Russia's strategy. Peskov believes it is too early to disclose the contents. 'Let us wait for the publication of the document,' he said. 'Naturally, all national security threats are being taken into account and scrutinized and the corresponding countermeasures devised.'

Peskov expressed regret the US strategy described Russia as a 'revisionist state' that allegedly does not respect the sovereignty of its neighbors and is prepared to use force to attain its aims.

'As far as the United States is concerned, one can merely express regret, because the security concept is a medium-term and long-term document. The document's wording is indicative of a confrontational mood, devoid of any impartiality towards our country,' Peskov said.

He believes that this confrontational attitude was likely to last. The Kremlin official is certain 'this can hardly contribute to attempts to somehow steer our bilateral relations towards normalization, which is extremely necessary for joint struggle against the existing challenges no single country can cope with on its own, such as the dangerous expansion of the Islamic State and other manifestations of terrorism.'
The US new military strategy

The Pentagon on Wednesday published its own national military strategy. It describes so-called 'revisionist states' and extremist groups as the worst threats to security. However, the strategy contains the recognition that Russia, China, Iran and North Korea, referred to as revisionist states, do not wish military confrontation with the United States. As follows from the strategy, Russia, although it made contributions to some security areas such as counternarcotics and counterterrorism, repeatedly demonstrated its willingness to use force to achieve its goals. 'It also has repeatedly demonstrated that it does not respect the sovereignty of its neighbors,' the strategy states.

The authors of the strategy claim that 'Russia's military actions are undermining regional security directly and through proxy forces.'

Russia's National Security Strategy extending till 2020 was authorized in 2009. The document sets the task of the country's transition from a raw materials export-based development scenario to an innovative one, to creation of a highly professional army, special services, an increase in the people's life expectancy and acquisition of indisputable authority in the international scene.

Last May, National Security Council secretary Nikolay Patrushev said the Security Council had made a decision to reconsider the National Security Strategy extending till 2020. 'First and foremost this stems from the emergence of new military threats and challenges. Their manifestations were well seen in the Arab Spring events, in Syria and Iraq, and in Ukraine and around it,' Patrushev said.


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