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Iran Press TV

Russia launches project to track US ballistic missiles

Iran Press TV

Wed Dec 4, 2013 9:53AM GMT

The Russian defense Ministry has reportedly commissioned the development of devices and software gadgets capable of tracking US ballistic missile launch.

The aim of the new project is to monitor appropriate implementation of the Treaty on Strategic Offensive Arms by matching the data supplied to the Russian side by the US within the framework of the bilateral START-3 arms-control pact with the data collected by a domestic radiolocation, Voice of Russia on Tuesday cited the Izvestia newspaper.

While verifying the data obtained from American diplomats, the report says, the project would further allow detection of newer types of American intercontinental missiles and define their parameters.

According to the report, Russia's Saint Petersburg Research and Science Center of information collection and control # 281, located in the country's northern Archangelsk region, is due to expand its capabilities in an effort to effectively monitor the proper fulfillment of the Russia-US START treaties by December 2015.

The new capability will further allow the comparison of remote measuring provided by the US with the recording of signals detected by Russia's national control systems, namely radiolocation satellites and ships carrying ballistic missile-detecting antennae.

The START-3 pact requires the two sides to exchange telemetric data on five rocket launches.


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