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Russia Should Use ‘Historic Chance’ for Rearmament - Putin

RIA Novosti

23:54 06/03/2013 NOVOSIBIRSK, March 6 (RIA Novosti) - Russian President Vladimir Putin said Wednesday he plans to control implementation of a plan to rearm the armed forces that he said was a “historic chance” for Russia.

“We have held a series of meetings on providing the army and navy with new armament systems,” Putin said at a meeting on the prospects of combat aviation development.

“In June, we in particular discussed implementation of a state armament program regarding aviation,” he said. “We will keep the issue under constant control.”

“We will have no other historic chance to solve these ambitious tasks the country is now facing to ensure its defense capability in due time and with due quality when [the required] funds are available, thank God,” Putin said. “Tomorrow we will have none of these funds, and time will be lost.”

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