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Russian Warships Head to Mediterranean

RIA Novosti

17:34 13/08/2012

MOSCOW, August 13 (RIA Novosti) - A Russian joint naval flotilla has arrived in the Mediterranean after missing a planned visit to a Russian Black Sea port, a defense ministry source said on Monday.

The group of Russian warships and support ships from Russia’s Northern, Baltic and Black Sea fleets was to have made a call in the port of Novorossiisk on Sunday.

“At present, vessels from the group have sailed past the Italian coast and are now headed westward,” the source said without explaining why the route had been changed.

The ships are currently performing combat training exercises in the central Mediterranean Sea, the source added.

The task force comprises three large amphibious assault ships, two Neustrashimy class frigates, an Udaloy class destroyer and two support ships from Russia’s Northern, Baltic and Black Sea Fleets.

Late last week, the joint naval task force conducted two-day tactical exercises with live-firing in the Mediterranean.

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