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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)


RIA Novosti

MOSCOW, March 23 (RIA Novosti) - Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Vladimir Chizhov told the ambassador of Sweden in Moscow about the impermissibility of double standards with regard to terrorism and stated that Moscow would judge Sweden's adherence to international cooperation in combating this evil by its concrete actions. This has been reported by the information and press department of the Russian Foreign Ministry. RIA Novosti received this press release on Wednesday.

The ambassador of Sweden in Moscow, Johan Molander, was invited to the Russian Foreign Ministry in connection with the explosion of a car, belonging to the Russian Embassy, outside the house in which the Embassy's staff members live. The responsibility for this act has been claimed by the Stockholm section of the extremist organization Global Intifada, which openly tied up the terrorist act with Russia's policy in Chechnya.

The ambassador was told about the demand of the Russian side that Sweden, as a member of the international anti-terrorist coalition, should take all the necessary measures to ensure appropriate protection of the Russian diplomatic mission and its staff members and that the organizers and performers of the terrorist act should be found and brought to justice, the press release says.

The Russian Foreign Ministry underscored that the Embassy's car was blown up the next day after the Swedish Telegraph Agency published an exclusive interview with terrorist Shamil Basayev "in which he commended Sweden for its 'worthy' behavior in criticizing Moscow and openly threatened to organize new terrorist acts against Russia and its citizens."

All this shows that in Sweden terrorists live in freedom, the Russian ministry believes.

On March 21, 2005, the Swedish TT telegraph agency placed on its news tape an exclusive interview given by a ringleader of the Chechen bandit units, Shamil Basayev.

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