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Entire Bushehr project under IAEA control, says Russian

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

London, March 3, IRNA - Iran`s nuclear reactor in Bushehr poses no 
risks to peace in the Middle East and Moscow has received no 
protests from the west about its assistance on the project, says 
Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov. 
"IAEA is the monitoring mechanism for everything we do in Iran in 
the area of nuclear power plant. The entire project is under IAEA 
control," Lavrov said. 
Russia had "discussed it with our friends, with my colleagues in 
the US, France, the UK and Germany. They fully understand what we are 
doing in Iran. They don`t have any complaints about it," he said in an
interview Wednesday with the BBC`s Newsnight programme. 
Last weekend, Moscow completed the signing of an agreement with 
Tehran to supply fuel to new nuclear reactor in Bushehr, which is 
expected to be the first to come on stream in Iran. 
"It has nothing to do with the Middle East peace process," the 
foreign minister said when asked whether Russian`s nuclear cooperation
with promoted the interests of peace. 
He said it had to do with two things, namely "our relations with 
Iran" and in the country`s "legitimate interest in having energy 
"It also has to do with (the) non-proliferation regime," Lavrov 
said. "The non-proliferation regime was not violated," he said. 
Under Article IV of the 1987 Non-Proliferation Treaty, all 
signatory countries have the inalienable right "to develop research, 
production, and use of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes, without 
It also reaffirms that all parties "undertake to facilitate and 
have the right to participate in the fullest possible exchange of 
equipment, materials and scientific and technological information for 
the peaceful uses of nuclear energy." 
The aim is to preclude any inhibition of a country`s right to 
peaceful nuclear technologies as long as the technology is not used to
produce nuclear weapons. 
Under the agreement with Russia, Iran is to return spent nuclear 
fuel rods from the reactor as a safeguard to banish fears that Iran 
might misuse the rods to build nuclear weapons. 
In a separate concern, Iran is currently involved in negotiations 
with Britain, France and Germany to reach a long-term agreement on its
nuclear programme and is mainly centered on the country`s right under 
the NPT to enrich its own uranium. 

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