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Bushehr gives Russia chances to build more stations in Iran

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Tehran, March 2, Itar-Tass/ACSNA/IRNA -- Russia has rather good 
chances to build more nuclear power plants in Iran, Russian Ambassador
Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to Iran Alexander Maryasov told 
"In order make our cooperation successful, we must, of course, 
round off the construction of the first generating unit of the Bushehr
nuclear power plant within the time limits that were agreed with the 
Iranian side. This is bound to enhance Iran`s trust in Russia and in 
the work of Russian specialists. I believe this will create favorable 
conditions for the conclusion of new contracts," he stressed. 
"The Iranian side is offering us to jointly think of preparations 
to build one or two more generating units. Such an agreement was 
reached during Rosatom Chief Alexander Rumyantsev`s recent visit to 
Iran," Maryasov stated. 
A joint working group will be formed, he added, within which 
Russian specialists will help the Iranian side determine 
technologically and documentarily the site for the possible 
construction of at least one more generating unit. 
"Russia is playing the role of trailblazer, since it is building 
the first-ever Iranian nuclear power plant. I think the way will be 
paved for the participation of other countries in the construction of 
Iranian nuclear power stations after the situation around Iran relaxes
and if Tehran will continue to cooperate actively, effectively and 
transparently with the International Atomic Energy Agency, will 
successful complete its negotiations with the `European Trio`. We, in 
turn, are prepared to give Iran our assistance, on condition that the 
Iranian side will steadfastly observe its international commitments. 
In this case, we believe, there will be no obstacles to further 
cooperation," the Russian ambassador stated. 
The documents on the return to Russia of the spent nuclear fuel 
and on deliveries of fresh fuel to the Bushehr plant, which the two 
sides signed last Sunday, are very important, he added. They have put 
an end to all the fabrications, conjectures and speculations on this 
subject, Maryasov pointed out. 
Today, `there are no more grounds for any cock-and-bull stories 
and speculative statements on this subject, which had been quite 
numerous in the past`. 
The signing of these documents paves the way to the tranquil 
completion of the first generating unit of the Bushehr nuclear power 
plant, he stressed. 
"These documents are of great political importance, because Iran`s
consent to return the spent fuel to Russia does away with the 
allegations that the Islamic Republic of Iran could use the nuclear 
materials for some other undeclared purposes. The delivered fuel will 
be fully controlled by IAEA inspectors: from the very beginning of its
shipment to its storage in special sealed depots. The IAEA will be 
responsible for constant, round-th e-clock monitoring, and it will be 
impossible to use these materials for any other purposes, but fueling 
the nuclear power plant," the Russian diplomat stressed. 
The Sunday Russo-Iranian agreements, signed at Tehran, prove that 
Iran is prepared to honor its international commitments," Maryasov 
"This is to a definite extent a trust-building step, because Iran 
has declared its determination to return the spent fuel, which is now 
recorded in the signed documents," he concluded. 

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