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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)


RIA Novosti

MOSCOW, February 28 (RIA Novosti) - Nuclear fuel will be supplied to the Bushehr nuclear power plant in strict accordance with the technological regulations, head of Russia's Federal Atomic Energy Agency Alexander Rumyantsev stated at the press conference in RIA Novosti on Monday.

"We signed with the Iranian side a confidential protocol on the procedure for supplying nuclear fuel, and it will appear there not earlier than it (the fuel) is needed there, in strict accordance with the technological regulations of the plant's construction," Mr. Rumyantsev said.

"Following the intergovernmental agreement we and the Iranian side signed a change to the fuel contract," Mr. Rumyantsev noted.

According to him, in keeping with this contract, Iran will pay all the expenses for the nuclear fuel transportation at the cost of prices that shape up on the world market by the moment of its transportation.

Mr. Rumyantsev also noted that during his visit to the nuclear power plant's construction site in Bushehr he had been pleasantly surprised at the "acceleration rate of the construction." "I visited the site and left it in very high spirits. The end of the construction is visible," Mr. Rumyantsev said.

According to him, the first power-generating unit of the nuclear power plant in Bushehr will be put into operation in 2006.

Mr. Rumyantsev also does not rule it out that in the future Russia and Iran will conclude a new agreement on cooperation in the field of the peaceful use of atomic energy, but its expansion can be discussed only after the first unit of the Bushehr nuclear power plant is put into operation.

"We are turning out the first nuclear unit at an accelerated rate, helping Iran in this, and will return to the question of further broadening of cooperation after the first unit becomes operative," Mr. Rumyantsev said.

Russia has been building the first power unit of the Bushehr nuclear power plant in accordance with the intergovernmental agreement. Atomstroiexport is the general contractor.

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