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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)


RIA Novosti

MOSCOW, February 7 (RIA Novosti) - Starting in 2010, the Russian army will be more active in acquiring advanced weapons for own arsenal, announced head of the Federation Council's Committee on Defense and Security Viktor Ozerov.

He said in the 1990s the ratio of expenses on maintaining the army to expenses on R&D and procurement of new weapons was 70% to 30%. By 2010, Russia must reach the 50% to 50% ratio.

"At present, our main efforts are directed at the modernization of existing weapons and increasing the length of their use. Starting in 2010, though, we plan to become more active in acquiring new weapons systems for our Armed Forces, rather than exporting them to other countries," Mr. Ozerov stated during a meeting with foreign military attachés.

The head of the committee announced that in 2005 Russia's military expenses would be aimed primarily at maintaining and modernizing the "triad" of the Strategic Missile Forces - land-, air-, and sea-based.

In addition, Russia plans to increase the strength of its Space Forces. Russia will also allocate funds for acquisition of new planes and other conditional weapons.

"Neither the committee, nor the military are satisfied with the current procurement volumes," Mr. Ozerov emphasized.

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