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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

June 2005 Russia Special Weapons News

  • Report Issued by U.S.-Russian Working Group on Nuclear Security Washington File 30 Jun 2005 -- President Bush has received the first progress report from the joint U.S.-Russian senior interagency group on nuclear security cooperation.
  • Russia's President Hosts Chinese Counterpart for Summit VOA 30 Jun 2005 -- Russian President Vladimir Putin welcomes Chinese President Hu Jintao to Moscow Thursday for a four-day official visit.
  • Russian Scientist Gets Reduced Sentence RFE/RL 29 Jun 2005 -- Russia today reduced by one year the 14-year jail term being served by a Russian physicist convicted of spying for China.
  • Moscow stresses nuclear cooperation with Iran: Russian FM IRNA 24 Jun 2005 -- Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said here Friday his country's nuclear cooperation with Iran is fully transparent and within the framework of international regulations.
  • Russia: NATO Chief In Moscow For Talks With Putin RFE/RL 24 Jun 2005 -- Russian President Vladimir Putin held talks today in Moscow with NATO Secretary-General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer. Discussions focused on joint efforts in fighting terrorism and the drug trade, as well as regional issues, particularly Afghanistan, Iraq, and the Balkans.
  • Chechnya: Does Outrage Over Borozdinovskaya Sweep Presage Change Of Russian Tactics? RFE/RL 24 Jun 2005 -- On one level, the Russian authorities' outraged response to the sweep operation in the village of Borozdinovskaya in northeastern Chechnya on 4 June that triggered the exodus to neighboring Daghestan of several hundred local families appears to be a laudable, if exceptional and somewhat belated, acknowledgement of the arbitrary suffering inflicted on local noncombatants during the past six years of fighting.
  • Chechen Commander Denies Responsibility For Sweep RFE/RL 24 Jun 2005 -- Sulim Yamadaev, whose Eastern Battalion has been accused of launching the 4 June sweep operation in the Chechen village of Borozdinovskaya in which one person was killed and 11 detained, has claimed that his forces were not responsible for those reprisals, according to yufo.ru on 23 June.
  • NATO Chief in Moscow for Talks with President Putin VOA 24 Jun 2005 -- NATO Secretary-General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer met with President Vladimir Putin and other top Russian officials in Moscow to discuss the fight against terrorism and other topics.
  • Russia: Scandal Brews Over Raid In Chechnya RFE/RL 23 Jun 2005 -- A raid carried out by special security forces of the Russian army on a Chechen village inhabited by ethnic minorities on 4 June is turning into a major scandal.
  • Senate Committee Holds Hearing on U.S. Policy Toward Russia Washington File 22 Jun 2005 -- If the United States responded to recent worrisome trends on democratization and human rights by attempting to isolate Russia, it would be self-defeating and harmful to American interests, witnesses and senators agreed at a June 21 Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing on U.S. policy toward Russia.
  • Georgia/Russia: Withdrawal Agreement Clears First Hurdle RFE/RL 22 Jun 2005 -- Senior Georgian politicians, including President Mikheil Saakashvili, Prime Minister Zurab Noghaideli, and Foreign Minister Salome Zourabichvili, hailed the agreement reached in Moscow on 30 May on the terms and time frame for the closure of the two remaining Russian military bases in Georgia as heralding a new era in bilateral relations. So too did international organizations, including NATO and the EU.
  • Iran-Russian nuclear deal 'consistent' with NPT, says Straw IRNA 22 Jun 2005 -- British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw Tuesday rejected a call to raise concerns with his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov or other G8 foreign ministers over Moscow's nuclear agreement with Iran, saying that it was "consistent" with the Non-proliferation Treaty.
  • Rocket Fails During Launch of Solar Sail Spacecraft VOA 22 Jun 2005 -- Russia's space agency says a booster rocket failed during the launch of the world's first solar-sail spacecraft. It appears the craft did not reach orbit, although scientists involved in the joint U.S.-Russian project say they may have detected faint signals from it.
  • Solar Sail Spacecraft Encounters Problem VOA 22 Jun 2005 -- Scientists are trying to learn the fate of a space orbiter that was launched from a Russian submarine in the Barents Sea on Tuesday.
  • Russia: Army Puts On A Pretty Face RFE/RL 22 Jun 2005 -- The Russian Army these days tends to be associated with the war in Chechnya, brutal hazing rituals, tiny salaries, and fading glory. President Vladimir Putin has been eager to add shine to the country's demoralized armed forces and attract increasingly reluctant conscripts. On 21 June, military officials staged a grand show in Moscow aimed at showing the army's human face.
  • Russia Says It Foiled Two Attacks On Nuclear Defences RFE/RL 22 Jun 2005 -- A senior official in Russia's Defense Ministry today said Russia foiled two separate attacks to break into nuclear weapons installations.
  • Russia: Pro-Moscow Chechen Official Confirms Atrocities RFE/RL 17 Jun 2005 -- A leading human rights official in the Russian-backed administration in Chechnya says tens of thousands of Chechen civilians have disappeared since 1999. Nurdi Nukhazhiev said that many of the accusations made by human rights groups against the Russian armed forces -- among them that they have targeted civilians - were true.
  • Russia needs a strong and friendly Georgia RIA Novosti 16 Jun 2005 -- The agreements on the closure of Russian bases in Georgia, which were reached after dramatic negotiations and moves, have cast a fresh light on Russia's role and future in the Caucasus.
  • What is Russian party of power? RIA Novosti 16 Jun 2005 -- The phrase "party of power" is applied only to party organizations in the former Soviet Union.
  • Russian Town Marks 10th Anniversary Of Terrorist Raid RFE/RL 14 Jun 2005 -- The Stavropol Krai town of Budennovsk today marked the 10th anniversary of a 1995 raid on the town by Chechen fighters led by radical field commander Shamil Basaev
  • Russia: Terrorists Caused Train Derailment VOA 12 Jun 2005 -- Russian security officials say they suspect the derailment of a train traveling from Chechnya to Moscow Sunday morning was an act of terrorism. Several people were injured in the early-morning incident.
  • Russian Officials Say Train Derailed By Terrorists RFERL 12 Jun 2005 -- Russia's national security service says a passenger train heading from Chechnya to Moscow was derailed by an explosion today. No one was reported killed but at least 15 people were lightly injured.
  • Chechen President Says Russians Involved In Kidnappings RFE/RL 06 Jun 2005 -- Chechnya's pro-Moscow President Alu Alkhanov said on 6 June that Russian forces are involved in 5-10 percent of all kidnappings in the region.
  • Russia: State-Owned Gazprom Buys Leading Independent Daily 'Izvestiya' RFE/RL 03 Jun 2005 -- Gazprom, Russia's state-owned gas monopoly, acquired control today of the prominent "Izvestia" daily newspaper. Gazprom is the same state-owned entity that four years ago took control of NTV, a major television station critical of the government, after a battle between the Kremlin and NTV's owner. Now, the purchase of "Izvestiya" has raised fears that the Kremlin will clamp down on one of the country's most independent and professional dailies.
  • Russia: New Chechen Resistance Leader Vows No More Hostake Takings RFE/RL 03 Jun 2005 -- Abdul-Khalim Sadullaev, the successor to slain Chechen President and resistance leader Aslan Maskhadov, told RFE/RL's North Caucasus Service in a 3 June interview that he strongly condemns terrorism and said it is not part of the resistance's policy.
  • Chechnya: Kidnapped Relatives Of Slain Leader Released RFE/RL 03 Jun 2005 -- Seven of the eight relatives of slain Chechen independence leader Aslan Maskhadov who were kidnapped in December 2004 have been freed. Those freed include two brothers, a sister, and a niece of Maskhadov. It is still unclear who had held them and where. Human rights activists have said the abductions were the work of Russian troops or their Chechen militia allies attempting to pressure Maskhadov. But Russian authorities have denied such accusations.

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